Monday, July 21, 2008

Our anniversary tradition

Catalina was wonderful as usual. We agree that this is a really good tradition to have and I'm so happy that DB started it!! For those of you who don't know, Catalina is an island about 30 miles or so from the mainland here -- there are no cars allowed (actually FEW) so most people ride around in golf carts and the condo we rent has a golf cart included. It's very much a walking place too (we just have the cart because the condo is out of "town") and feels like a whole other world.

The condo rental people were really nice and let us check in really early on Saturday and stay until 5 on Sunday so we didn't have to lug our stuff into lockers yesterday...we could lounge around the condo all day yesterday and that was really great since we only managed one night away this year! :-) Saturday after we checked in we went snorkeling, but the water was FREEZING -- I was ok in my wetsuit, but DB was so cold I could see his goosebumps while we were snorkeling. After that we rented a jet ski and that is super fun too -- I love to go fast! But it was hard on my wrist to hang on. Still, very fun! :-) Then we headed home to hot tub, shower, then to town for dinner. We went to a place we hadn't been to before and the food was really good, but about 5 minutes into our meal they started karaoke!! We couldn't hear each other talk and our waitress was more worried about shaking her booty and singing to a Shakira song than about serving us. Needless to say, tip was as minimal as I could handle and still make it into Waitress Heaven. ;-) We crashed early on Saturday night to the sound of the waves.

Sunday we slept in, made breakfast in the condo and lounged around there until about noon. Then into town and we took a semi-sub marine tour (DB didn't want to face the cold water again and I don't blame him!) -- it was pricey, but really fun to see the fishies. After that, we had some ice cream and went to a beach club where we'd never been. It was fun...I think next time we'll try to hang there a bit. It's a private club open to the public so they can serve drinks. There's live music, beach, snorkeling, kayak rental, bar, restaurant, shopping, fun! DB's tummy was hurting so we ended up back and the condo on our balcony resting for the last hour or so, then home on the boat. I didn't get to see any really big wildlife, but DB saw a whale spout on our way over on the boat on Saturday! :-) I love Catalina...and DB. :-)

So anniversary week continues (the actual day is Wednesday)...

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L.G. said...

What a fun weekend! I was just talking about snorkeling to someone. (I know you need classes and certification for scuba.) It sounds divine!

I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend with the DB and I'm really really glad he had a relaxing weekend. He's been through a lot and he needed some down time. I just hope his stomach is better.