Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday Weigh-In

So I decided to weigh-in today as this is the "Friday" of this week due to the holiday tomorrow. This might have been a mistake: I am up 2.2 pounds from last Friday. :-(

To be truthful, I did eat some bad stuff last weekend: wine and cheese on Friday night, fast-food breakfast (although very small) on Saturday, some dessert at after-wedding party, a couple of small pieces of pizza on Saturday night, restaurant breakfast on Sunday, a couple of bites of wedding cupcake, too many chips with Mexican dinner on Sunday. Add to this NO organized exercise last weekend (although I made up for one of those missed days by going on usually-unscheduled Monday night) and, now that I've written it down, I guess it's not SO surprising. BUT it is "bad" weekend can add up to THAT much weight?? Doesn't seem fair. Why can I gain POUNDS in a day from a couple of slips but it takes WEEKS to get rid of the same POUNDS? It's not fair and, in some way, it feels like it's not even scientifically RIGHT. But there it is...and I should know better.

Well, I've eaten perfectly all work-week (as usual) and exercised perfectly too. Maybe I'll weigh in tomorrow too and see if somehow, miraculously, it's a Friday thing.

This weekend (at least tomorrow) will probably not be good either...we have FOUR BBQs that we've been invited to (and have accepted). And I am NOT a one to "just say no" on special occasions...that is just never going to work for me. At least we'll be biking and walking to all of them...

Happy 4th to everyone!!


Vickie said...

Not to be a Debby Downer - but imagine how easy it would be for 10+ pounds to creep on if you weren't getting on the scale. It is easy to see how people regain their weight so quickly. Just reality.

Have you ever tried the 3 bites thing? There is a mom from school that swears by it. She says there is NO difference between 3 bites, the whole thing, or the whole pan. She can eat 3 really slow savvory bites and enjoy things she would not normally eat at events.

I remember reading one time about a food "school" where they did the same thing - only it was ONE bite each and you had to eat it as slowly as possible and then describe it to yourself in great detail. The result - people discovered they didn't even really LIKE things that they previously devoured (I think hershey kiss was one of the examples - very waxy taste if you eat one by itself).

have a great weekend!!!!

PS - I got on e-mail to send you a can't wait to see you note - got distracted by the fact that I had not been on in forever and had 50+ things in my inbox and then forgot to send you a note after seeing it in comments. . .sorry!!!!

Helen said...

I agree that it would be SO easy for the lbs. to creep back on...that's what happened before and I won't leave my scale for that long again!!

I love the three bites idea...I'll be trying that today. :-)

And I'm down a pound this morning so things aren't as bad as they were yesterday. If I'm vigilant next week and don't overdo too much this weekend, I'll be ok...

Vickie said...

ANY time is fine - we/at least I am always here.

L.G. said...

Maybe some of this is salt retention AND/OR That Time of Month.

The important thing is that you are aware of it and you're still okay; it's not like you got on the scale and it was 20 pounds.

I hope you had a good time at the BBQs and it's good that you're biking over and walking around. I think this 2.2 is just a flash in the pan.