Monday, June 30, 2008

Love and joy...I think food goes with that

A hugely fun weekend all around was had by all!

Friday night we went to PD's for her 30th b-day party. She had researched and set up a wine tasting...pairing tastes of foods and wine. It was really interesting to take little TASTES of food and little sips of wine and really focus on the tastes and how the food and wine complemented each other. In several cases, the food made a mediocre wine very good! And what a concept to take little bites and really concentrate on your taste buds...not how much of something that tastes good that you can cram in!! ;-)

We stayed over at a motel in their neighborhood so we could get some sleep because we had to get up EARLY to get ready for the wedding -- picked up PD's kids at 8:30, then headed to Nearby Town for the wedding at 11. It was the first same sex wedding that this church had had and everyone was really fired up and so supportive. It was very beautiful and moving...these girls have been together for over 10 years, have a house, a dog and a baby and just recently they could marry...what's wrong with this picture? While, being a good liberal, I have given lip service to being pro-gay marriage, this weekend really made me UNDERSTAND the issue in a concrete way -- what a huge civil rights issue -- these people are made to feel like second-class citizens because of who they LOVE? WTF? DB and I can CHOOSE not to marry, but they didn't have that same RIGHT until now. Anyway, it was joyous, many tears were shed, much love was shared.

After the wedding, we went to check in to our hotel (DB's parent's house was way too full with all the festivities) and tried to get the kids to nap a such luck! So, with just a little rest, we headed to the family reception at a lovely restaurant around 3. It was so much fun...delicious food, fun family (DB's other daughter -- I'll call her PD2 since she's younger -- and her husband and daughters came too), etc. The kids were outrageously well-behaved -- even the wait-staff told the newly-weds afterwards that they couldn't believe how well-behaved the kids were! I had the best sangria I ever tasted too (and ate very well -- salad, just a bit of bread, salmon and veggies...and we won't talk about the -- small -- dessert). As we were leaving the restaurant a few hours later, I went up to The Evil One (DB's "bad" brother who is the father of the niece who got married) to give him a hug and thank him for having us. He gave me a tight hug and said thank you for bringing the grandkids. Surprising...he hardly ever talks to felt like a miracle, but there was even more to come!

After the restaurant, we went up to DB's parents' house...two of his sisters were up there (one of whom, sadly, refused to go to the wedding) and it was nice to see them and let the kids play in the big yard. Then we went back to the hotel so the kids (and we) could swim and we all had a great time. Got the little kids to bed about 9, then Princess and I went to the hotel restaurant to get some snacks (and beers for her Papa and Helen). We had our snacks, then she went to bed and DB and I sat on the patio before we crashed too.

Saturday night was hard -- Smiley (3 1/2, who has horrible allergies) was up most of the night -- she starts scratching and then crying because it hurts. I was up and down with her all night, poor sweet thing -- spent most of the night in bed with her trying to soothe her. We are sending her to an allergist this month because I can't stand it anymore and her parents can't afford one. She has "boo boos" all over where she's scratched herself until she bleeds. :-(

Yesterday was the baptism of the newly-weds' baby so we went back to the church by 9:30 -- we met The Evil One in the parking lot and he came over and gave me a huge hug and said "I'm sorry for being an asshole to you these past couple of years.". SERIOUSLY, he SAID that. Unbelievable. It was a miracle. Since he's also been a lot better with DB lately, I was so happy. His daughter just felt so happy that we came (I think she was afraid people would be disapproving) and I think that rubbed off. So now I guess I have to find a new name for TEO... ;-) Anyway, the bath-tism was really sweet. Afterwards, we went back to swim more at the hotel, then checked out and went up the parents' house for a few hours - kids played and we watched the girls open their presents.

DB's parents got very agitated with all the people "they didn't know" around (and DB's dad looks HORRIBLE -- has been in and out of the hospital the past couple of weeks and is clearly very sick and frail) so we left around 4:45 or so, but we had a really great time. Stopped for Mexican dinner (I had ceviche which isn't bad, but also chips and guacamole...), then for a bit at PD1's to hear about her weekend in Vegas before heading home to CRASH.

A BIG WEEKEND. :-) I'm pooped. ;-) But DB and I both feel such joy and contentment after a wonderful weekend with family.

Tonight I have to go to the gym to make up for no gym over the weekend though...or at least to TRY to make up for it. ;-)


Vickie said...

I had an allergy kid like this - I ended up having to take him off ALL the common allergy foods (dairy, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts) for several years. His body was on overload. It needed a long rest before adding things back. He really did need to be off all of the above - but he was actually only allergic to tree nuts. but his body needed a rest from all to get well.

If they are giving her anything over the counter - they will have to stop for allergy testing. Make sure they ask for detailed information. You don't want to have them off any longer than you have to - but they have to be totally off for the recommended time in order to have the testing work. Allergy shots take YEARS - but have a good success rate in kids (if you wait - they are less effective).

We also got a hepa filter. Do they use the air conditioning and clean the filter?

Do they have animals? We did - and had to get rid of them - and have the air ducts blown and cleaned. We opted to replace all the carpeting rather than have it cleaned. sharla rae has one that can't have carpeting in his room - and that is common.

Do they use no allergy soap and laundry stuff?

this is a very long and involved road to travel with a kid. It involves a LOT of time. but they do get better and can live normal lives.

Tree nut allergies do not get better - they get much worse and can be fatal. when anyone has an allergy kid - they need to be taken off tree nuts totally - until they are tested. peanuts are actually a BEAN and not a tree nut. they are a separate thing - but can be just as dangerous - so no peanuts until testing either.

Shellfish and Latex are other common ones. And can be fatal.

Vickie said...

shower instead of bath helps a LOT too. No soap on any body parts except face and arm pits and shampoo. We have had the best luck with liquid Tide (no scent) and half of the recommended amount. Fabric softener and Dryer sheets are a common problem in the world of allergy kids.

Vickie said...

I can see that his "babies" are your babies - even though they are big now. And his baby's babies are very much yours too.

Cindy154 said...

I wish I lived in CA..where people have rights. And I want to go to a church where people can marry no matter who they pick. What a wonderful, busy, full weekend! And the Miracle of the Evil One, how fantastic! So, does the Universe say the same things to you as it says to me? Here is what it said today: To all those who might ever doubt the power I have to make their fondest dreams a reality, their greatest hopes manifest, and their most outrageous thoughts become things... I ask, have you pondered eternity lately? Did you know there are 10 sextillion stars (not to mention planets)? Have you looked into a mirror and seen the glint in your eye, the tint of your skin, or the warmth of your smile?

This is how I roll -
The Universe

Isn't that great!!?

L.G. said...

What a great wedding and I'm so glad you were able to share in it.

That's really nice the DB's brother was so welcoming and kind to you. And You just never know what was going on with him and I'm so glad for his sake he was able to apologize to you. I know that made such a big difference to you and DB.

I'm so sorry about Smiley's allergies...poor little thing. You're so kind and generous and I completely understand you two doing it.

I hope you had a great day today and not worry too much about the food. Life is for living and not worrying so much too.


Vickie said...

health food and food coops now have nearly every combination of things available - wheat free, dairy free, etc. But at the time that the oldest was eating this way - 12 years ago - not so much. We found a local baker that was happy to bake rye bread for him. I honestly can't remember what all was in it - and the baker retired and went back to europe - so he is gone. I would order several loaves at a time and freeze them. Other than that - he ate pretty much as I eat now - whole foods. If you suspect that she has red dye allergy - be VERY careful of meats. Walmart for example adds red food dye to their meat to make it look fresher.

Vickie said...

He used rice milk (Rice Dream) for years and years. Becareful not to use too much soy - it is fast becoming as prone to allergic reaction as dairy - because people get too much of it.

Laura N said...

What a crazy weekend. Hope the little one gets into an allergist quickly. Poor baby!

Enjoy your holiday!