Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Problems with fruit and arms

I think I have a problem with fruit. I don't really like fruit much so I rarely ever eat it (except in my lime Fruit Floes from Trader Joes and limes squeezed into my water at home). But I will eat melons (not water-), strawberries and pineapple and enjoy them if they are presented to me (I don't go looking for them!). So yesterday there was melon and pineapple at the business lunch I went to here at the firm (otherwise I had a chicken and tomato sandwich with half of the bread removed and a salad) and I had some. And I felt bloated the whole rest of the day. I realized that this often happens when I eat fruit.

Anyway...I just had a couple of strawberries that were lurking in the office kitchen...hope they don't do the same today. But we'll see what the scale says on Friday...if there's a weird "up", no more fruit!!!

I had a doctor appointment this morning about my wrist. He says it will take 8-12 WEEKS to heal. Grrrrr. I am now allowed to sleep without my brace, but otherwise am supposed to keep wearing it for the next three weeks (at least) until my next appointment with him. I actually think that any pain/ache I'm getting now is from lack of exercise of my wrist so I am not sure I really agree with this plan...not to mention that nothing I see on-line mentions immobilizing as a treatment for this type of injury. BUT I don't want to take any chances so I will be careful.

All this means continuing not to be able to use weight machines or go to yoga classes (NO weight-bearing on my arms at all allowed per the doc). And this is in the SUMMER when I want to have beautiful arms to show off in sleeveless clothes. I am very bummed. :-(

Maybe I'll e-mail my physical therapist and ask him what he thinks...


Vickie said...

are you allowed to switch docs NOW (since you said you don't like this one)? And it seems odd that it isn't the opposite - sleep with brace ON - since you don't have any idea how you position it in your sleep.

I wonder what it is about the fruit? I eat fruit once or twice a day - year round - so I guess if it were doing that to me - I wouldn't actually know - as it would be the same every day.

Laura N said...

Makes me wonder if you have some kind of fruit allergy...

Bummer about the wrist. I'd cal your PT, fo sho. Maybe you'll get better news or at least advice to ensure you heal properly/quickly.

Your weekend with PD sounded great.

L.G. said...

I have to agree with Laura -- maybe it is an allergy of some kinds. I just did a quick search on google and there are some allergies to fruits.

There was this site for some information.

About your wrist, I agree with Vickie -- maybe you can get another opinion. Can you get some information on any good doctor who deals with professional or college athletes' injuries? I know when my old boss broke her wrist, she was in a cast for a long time and had physical therapy afterwards. You'd think that there would have been some changes in treatment though by now.

Get better and I hope the pain is not so bad.