Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My darn wrist (and other things)

I went back to the orthopedist today about my wrist. The appt was ok -- the Xray showed nothing definitive as to wrist fracture, but he is worried that I've fractured a bone at the bottom of my thumb (called the "carpal"-something) that doesn't show up on Xrays because of its location and it's hard to see that break unless it is displaced. The places he pushed to check for pain that HURT were, apparently, the places it would hurt if this bone is fractured and he says it is often the one that's broken when "we" fall like this. The only way to know for sure is to get an MRI so he's going to send me for one. If it IS broken, I have to have a traditional cast. :-(

He also Xrayed my droopy toe (the toe next to The Frankentoe that hasn't been the same since that accident) -- said that bones are ok, but wants an MRI on that too to see if there is tendon damage. He didn't say what, if anything, we can do if it is damaged. :-(

He told me to take 1500 mg of calcium a day (along with Vitamin D -- it comes in tablets that way, I got some last night), which I started today already. He also said to talk to my general doc about taking Boniva or some other anti-osteoporosis med.

I'd be lying to say that this whole breaking bone thing doesn't worry me -- I'm 46 years old and had never broken a bone until last August -- now I've broken (probably?) two in 9 months. NOT good. I'm going to talk with my gyne about this when I see her next week about my hormones (which are totally out of whack). One of my grandmothers had osteoporosis badly (hunchback) and, if I unluckily got that gene, I am going to FIGHT it NOW while I'm young(ish).

Despite all this, I'm still doing The Balance and keeping up with my gym exercise. I even took Doglet for a little walk last night when I got home -- exercise on a non-gym night?! Wowee. ;-)

Missing DB a lot this week...the house is just too empty with him gone. His mom is having troubles with horrible unstoppable nosebleeds so he was up much of the night last night (including a trip to the ER around midnight...I think that's the third ER trip for her in the past 3 days). I watched The Savages last night and, while it was a good movie, was glad that DB didn't watch with me...dealing with ailing parents is no fun and watching a movie about it wouldn't be much of an escape. Thank goodness that my mom is (at least relatively) healthy and self-sufficient. Knock wood.


Grumpy Chair said...

Ouch on your wrist.

I worry about osteoporosis because synthroid eats up a certain percentage (I think it is under 15%)of calcium.

I don't believe it is too late to start taking the calcium supplements.

Grumpy Chair said...

Oops - sorry hit the publish before I was finished.

I know you are way too young (because I'm just two years younger - and I know I am way to young. . . ahem)to take the bone density test, but have you had one or thought about getting one?

Vickie said...

Alicia has good point about the bone density. I was also wondering WHY you are falling - I think I remember that you have an inner ear kind of thing like I do - and wondered if you have had that checked lately (too)???

you haven't mentioned your mom's weird allergic reaction thing in a while - did they get her on meds or figure it out or did it just stop???

Helen said...

Thanks, ladies, for your input -- yes, I'm going to check about a bone density test -- I do not think it is normal to break so easily at my age. I remember when I broke my toe wondering how I possibly broke it so badly -- how could I have slammed it THAT hard into that stair? Bone problem would explain both of my breaks.

I don't think inner ear has anything to do with these, but could be...hmmmm...

My mom's allergies are still around, but her allergist figured out what they were (hopefully) so now she's very careful not to eat tomatos, squash, cantaloupe, pineapple...