Wednesday, June 18, 2008

E-mail from The Universe

I recently signed up to get a daily e-mail from The Universe and today's made me think of Vickie and US:

"Little tiny dreams, Helen, require little tiny thoughts and little tiny steps.
Great big dreams require great big thoughts and little tiny steps.
Do I paint a clear picture? The Universe"

LOVE IT!! :-)

A big NSV from this morning: we have a family wedding on June 28 in Nearby Town and I was planning to go shopping with DB's daughter this Saturday to buy dresses. Well, this morning I went into my closet and remembered I had a couple of summer-y dresses that I had hung onto throughout the gain...wondered if they might do the trick. They did!! One (which I think I bought about 2 years ago exactly) still had the tag on and the other I haven't worn since a wedding in 2000!!! Oh Happy Day!! Having said this, I'm still going shopping on Saturday...but will be looking for shoes instead. ;-)


Cindy154 said...

That is fantastic about the dresses - saves money and feels so good to get to wear something you bought and never enjoyed! How do you get e-mails from the universe?

Laura N said...

Love that quote. Great news on the dresses! Oh, and I love shopping for shoes. Have enough fun for me, too. =)

L.G. said...

That's fabulous about the dresses!

I hope the wrist thing resolves and you get a fast MRI eval.

Shoes, shoes, shoes. Is there anything really wrong with new shoes?