Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Round-up

Weekend was very fun. Tommy was so-so -- my old friend was the best thing in it. But it was kind of cool because each seat had its own headphones so the sound mix was really good. I didn't know the story before so was surprised how skimpy it was. But there were a couple of good songs that I didn't know before. And the kid playing Tommy was trying too hard (and not succeeding) at being Roger Daltrey. A fun night though...

Had a fantastic day Saturday -- what fun!! :-) After I went to the gym in the morning, I met PD and her kids at the discount store that I love in her town (where it was SUPER HOT) -- we filled up our cart in no time! Then we went to try on -- that took a while because PD probably had at least 40 dresses and we also had stuff for Princess and Smiley (granddaughters) and me to try on. When PD when in the dressing room, Cry Baby (1-year-old grandson who hates me), of course, started to cry. I am used to this, so it didn't really bother me, but it was stressing her out so I called PD's partner (Daddy) to come get him. Then I walked Cry Baby and Smiley around shopping for some more stuff for Smiley until Daddy showed up (he had no trouble finding us...just follow the sound of the crying baby!). Daddy ultimately took Smiley & Cry Baby home so PD, Princess and I could have some relaxing time.

I ended up getting PD a couple of beautiful dresses and two pairs of dressy shoes for her festive occasions this month, new dresses for Princess and Smiley for the wedding, etc. next weekend, and two dresses for me! Then we headed to get mani/pedi/brow wax at the salon. We had a ball!! We also met a very nice lady there who used to work for the new ortho I've been going to for my wrist and she confirmed my opinion that he's really not a very good doc. The Universe sure was trying to get that message to me -- what is the likelihood of me running into her an hour away from my house or office when my doc is close to my office??? I'll just finish up with him on the wrist...

Anyway, I know PD really had a fantastic and special day (me too) and that was the whole point -- for her to feel special about her b-day. :-) I stayed until she left for her party Saturday night and she looked beautiful (and kept asking me to go with her, but I wanted to go home -- too far to drive after having a drink and too much food to tempt me!).

So I went to the Discount Store near me on the way home and bought some shoes to go with my fantastic new dresses, then to grocery store and got some beer. For dinner I had: beer and celery!! It was too hot to eat...even in by the beach! :-)

Yesterday I got up and headed to the beach where there were thousands of people but a breeze. Stayed down there for about an hour until DB got home (around 1). It was GREAT to see him!! Then we stayed at the beach until about 3...DB got cooked because he refused suntan lotion...oh well! ;-) After that I went to the gym, then we changed and biked down to have dinner at a place on the beach, then met some friends at drum circle, went for a beer at the beach, then home to snuggle. :-)

This morning DB had a doc appt at our house for life insurance and I had a gyno appt. She's putting me on cream hormones now (I've been on drops) and hopefully that will alleviate some of the horrible symptoms I've been having. My hormones were ROCK BOTTOM when I had blood tests two months ago. She said I should feel better in a couple of weeks...whew!! She also was very impressed with my weight loss...told me to keep going low on carbs (which I'm already doing) because the sugar in my blood was a little high or something.

One final thing: it's a lot funner to shop again now that I'm smaller! I had given up that pleasure a lot over the past few years...not consciously...just didn't want to buy things when at least part of me knew I didn't look as good.


L.G. said...

I'm catching up...

I think one reason for how we perceive ourselves after losing weight is we are too critical (duh). But we also see the improvement in certain areas but maybe it accentuates the problem areas even more. I really notice my arms and I know deep down I have lost weight there too but it's still very very jiggly and flabby.

Perhaps we also think that When We Lost X Pounds, perfection/nirvana will be achieved....

That said, your weekend sounds absolutely wonderful and fun. I'm so glad you had fun with the children and PD and seeing your friend in the show.

You're so generous and wonderful!

Vickie said...

I am so glad that you get along and enjoy DB's kids and grandkids so much. I wonder what it is about the crying baby?

Middle child moved from 4 year olds to 4th graders in bible school. When I dropped her off yesterday for the 1st day - I said - at least NO one will be crying when their mom leaves this year - and would you believe that she had tiny tears from one of the girls and a full blown massive cry from one of the boys.

But she said no big potty issues, they did know how to walk in a line, and she didn't have to carry anyone. So there were good points too.

Are you all shopped out - or wish that your job was shopping?

Vickie said...

I did remember that the actress used to date your old friend - but I don't remember her from school. Ironically I saw the one that I thought you were talking about on Law and order this week.

It is LOVELY to talk to you each day.

I have no idea how we got to be 25 years post college. No we didn't go. My mom is having her 50th in a year or two and that is hard to believe too.

Helen said...

I wish I knew:

- why Cry Baby cries every time he sees me and never stops.

- why it's so hard sometimes to see the progress and not the flab.

- why Smiley is reverting to potty training issues at 3 1/2 (it's no fun cleaning up after her at that age)...but that's another post that Vickie just reminded me of...

- that I could shop every day! ;-)

Cindy154 said...

What a nice weekend. The shopping sounds so fun. I usually shop alone. I am going to start making it more social. I love the way you named the grandkids. Cry Baby will most likely out grow whatever it is before too long..