Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Wrist

The wrist is fractured. It's not a dislocated fracture (and it's more like a little CRACK) so I'm lucky enough to get to wear a brace instead of a cast (at least for the next week). This is exactly like having a cast, but I can take it off (only) to shower. I'm happy not to have a cast! But I will have to really modify my exercise -- no yoga for a while, can't use arms on elliptical and can't use THAT arm on weight machines. But I can do lower body stuff. And I will!! This can't be a set-back in the weight loss.

I can still type, but I need to save it mostly for work. So, shortie things will be the order of the day for a bit (I go back to the doc next Tuesday for re-Xray).

I didn't do great on food/drink this past weekend -- it was mostly beer though that I was bad with. And I had some chips and 1/2 chocolate chip cookie at the kids' party we went to on Sunday (granddaughter pre-school graduation and birthday). I did swim a bit though so I thought/hoped that exercise might count! I am feeling less Drastic with the vacation behind me, but I really want to get those 3 gained pounds and MORE off.

The yoga seminar on Saturday was really great -- I learned a lot of stuff that I'll be able to take into my practice when I get back to the studio (I don't know when that will be, was afraid to ask doc). Most important to knee injuries was working to never lock the knee in hyperextension. This is harder than you might think. The seminar was over 3 hours and while I didn't feel like we DID a lot, I was sore afterwards. The concentration alone was challenging! Plus it's about a 2-mile round-trip walk to the studio and back. And we walked a lot on Saturday night before I fell.

Mostly I'm feeling poochy -- I had a martini last night too -- it was a weird day -- but just had salad for dinner as usual (I'm so happy DB is into the salads too!).

More will come, but in short spurts now for a while...


Vickie said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean about not locking knee - I have heard it from Kate and Barbara since I started. Barbara used to stress pulling that inner thigh around to the front, then counteracting by pushing down with the big toe, and then lastly dragging the knee cap up the leg. All of these movements were to be so pronounced that you could SEE them movement from across the room. It is the combination fo the three that puts everything in place and then her constant reminder not to hyperextend.

so sorry about the wrist. Are all your classes equal standing and floor? Or are there days where it is almost all standing work? Have you considered going back to your private sunday's - until you get healed?

L.G. said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your wrist! A boss from long ago broke her wrist in aerobics class and she said it was really painful.

That's very interesting about knee hyperextension. I sometimes think that my "good" knee gets hyperextended at times which scares me. I'm glad you spent some time on your knees.

What a drag to hurt your wrist after vacation when you have all of those things to do. You and the DB look fabulous -- such a cute looking couple!

(I'm glad at least you didn't hurt yourself WHILE you were on vacation.) Take care of yourself!

Laura N said...

Oh, gosh, sorry about your wrist!

I just tagged you for a meme...go see my blog today for details. Maybe you can do 1 fact a day instead of all at once since typing is an issue.

Hope you heal quickly!

Grumpy Chair said...

Oh, Helen. I have heard fractures are painful.

Hang in there.

Cindy154 said...

SO Sorry about the wrist. But you will heal and be okay. You can exercise the lower body and take walks. I know what a hassle it is. I had a sprained wrist once. Great you did your yoga seminar. Thanks for the ideas about snacking! Especially salsa. I want to keep some good, hot salsa on hand to dip stuff in. thanks, again and take care of the wrist!!!