Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm baaaaaaack!

Still off work today to adjust back to "real" life...DB and I have spent the morning culling through over 1000 photos and I hope to have a full report here fairly soon. In the meantime, I seem to have "gained" EIGHT pounds since we left...while I thought I probably gained some, this is a shock because I got some exercise every day (lots of walking, swimming, etc.) and really didn't overeat too much. My system really worked great with the Mexican food and climate too. So, I think it's all the cerveza...we drank it like it was water! ;-) I'm guessing/hoping that a lot of this will be gone by Friday after I've been back to "real" food and no booze for a few days.

I'm almost finished with PastaQueen's book and am really enjoying it.

I didn't miss "real" life AT all...a beautiful beach, beautiful sweetheart and beautiful friends. Even a beautiful tropical storm!

Anyway...more later...I'll look forward to catching up with all of YOU! :-)

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Vickie said...

how do your clothes fit with 8 lb difference in the scale???

did you get sun burnt???

glad you had a good time - my suggestion? drink water and NO processed food (at all).

Part of me want to say -
weigh every day (as in a science experiment) to see what happens.

but it would probably be too much (for your emotions!!!). so you are right - end of the week is probably better.

It is deserted here in blogland - don't know what everyone is busy doing (else where) because they aren't writing about it! I think I remember this last year too.