Friday, May 23, 2008

The final pre-vacation weigh-in

Drum roll please...

I lost another 0.6 pounds this week (I'm happy with ANY loss this week due to beer/wine last weekend and soy sauce on Monday) for a grand total during this period of The Drastic of 23.8 pounds (no, I won't say 24 yet!). :-)

I am also wearing "new" pants today -- bought them about a year and a half ago in anticipation of losing (which I do not usually do and don't recommend) and never have been able to wear before now. Feels GOOD.

I won't lie -- I am worried about gaining next week even though I have been saying that I'm expecting to gain 5 pounds. I hope I won't freak out when I get on the scale when I come home, but I am not going to WORRY about food and drink while I'm on vacation...that doesn't seem very vacation-y to me. I will, however, continue to try to still PAY ATTENTION to what I'm eating and drinking. And I will exercise each day even if it's just a walk on the beach. I will try to get to yoga class at least once and maybe some private practice on the beach or in our cabana. We will bike. We will snorkel. Yay! And I will get back on The Drastic when we get home.

I started packing last night and it felt good to try on shorts and smaller tops and feel like I look good. I have to be honest and say that I haven't really felt that way in a long time. I even tried on some tops that I determined were just too big -- I firmly believe in wearing clothes that FIT to make me look slimmer -- wearing too big or too small makes me look fatter.

So...our flight to Cancun leaves tomorrow morning at 10 am. My mom is coming over tonight because she is staying with Doglet until our pet sitter gets back from Cannes on Monday (nice life, eh?). We'll probably leave for the airport around 8 or 8:30 in the morning and we'll get in to Cancun around 5 pm their time (3 pm LA time). After that it's about an hour and a half drive to our cabana on the beach in Tulum. I can almost smell the air... :-)

Probably won't be blogging next week, but you never know -- despite the fact that the beach area in Tulum is off the electrical grid, our place has wind and solar energy and is supposed to have wireless internet access too!!


Vickie said...

have a fab time. I do love to snorkel!!! I wear a suit with a T-shirt over it to protect shoulders and neck from sun. It works well.

Laura N said...

Hey there! I hope you had a great time on vacation, unless you are plugged in while you're there--and I hope you are enjoying yourself. I think you're being realistic about the vacation eating. Have fun but don't be crazy about the food.

Thanks for the linke on DC. I am still so pumped that he won. I think he's going to go far, really super duper far!

L.G. said...

Have fun! I'll be thinking of you and of you wearing those thin pants!

Vickie said...

you must be having a really good time - or no internet access. . . looking forward to hearing all about it next week.