Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I got on the scale

And I'm down 1.2 pounds from Friday...but this means that I'm still a pound OVER my lowest (on April 25). I haven't been perfect the past 10 days so I guess that's it. I'm now slightly LESS than 20 pounds lost since mid-February. :-(

Trying not to get too down about this since I remember the 15-pound marker was also a toughie to really get to and past. Maybe it's just my reaction to the round numbers...I'm pretty sure my body doesn't know that 5 pounds is a round number! ;-)

I'm also wearing some pants that I bought months ago that I haven't been able to get into comfortably until now (including the week of April 25). Unfortunately, now that they fit, I realize they're probably a little too short for me! But they are Talbots (which I had to buy because of Lori when I saw them at Goodwill!). ;-) And, despite the scale not REALLY going down, I still am looking oh-so-much better than 2 1/2 months ago. Just gotta keep truckin'.

My body feels delicious after the two yogas this weekend...I feel my muscles, etc. in a way that I just don't get from the gym workout. So this weekend I'll be heading to more yoga and after the Mexico trip I'll be weaning off the gym (which I've been religiously doing a few times a week) to go back to full-time yoga. My body and spirit are looking forward to that! :-)

P.S. To Vickie -- as far as I know, no decision has been made about DNRs or whatever for DB's parents. I think it's going to be a lot of phone calls and agonizing decisions when/if that time comes. I am so happy that my sister, mom and I have had these talks and know exactly what to do if such things happen.


Cindy154 said...

That weight will drop off soon. I am still in awe of how much you lost in so little time. It inspired me to push harder at my efforts. It's great to wear clothes that didn't fit, and styles that I could not wear a year ago. I was discouraged this morning with my post chinese food weight, but then I reminded myself that I am 20 pounds down from last May. And your body feels good, that's what really matters!

L.G. said...

It's still the sodium. I have a hard time struggling with the number on the scale versus the work I have done (this is all hypothetical, mind you for now). It's a fine line between accepting that you have done an outstanding job on weight/food/exercise and being forgiving if the number doesn't match up with what you think it should be.

I'm glad you got some nice pants; you know how I love me Talbots. :-)

ar said...

Good stuff Helen and major progress with fitting in clothes you love. Also the yoga sounds so great. Lots of nice yoga for you to looks forward to. Sounds as though you are really on track!

Grumpy Chair said...

I love your Drastic!

I think the body just fluctuates at certain weights - sort of like a plateau but not stuck - more up and down until you start seeing the lower end more often.

You are so inspiring to me.

Dona said...

Helen - think of your new pants as "crop" pants rather than too short. Congratulations on your hard work! I really enjoy reading your blog.