Friday, May 16, 2008

Being happy with the Weigh-In

Today I am down another 1.4 pounds from last week. That brings the grand total to over 23 pounds, I think (sorry, blogging fast this morning so no time to confirm my numbers but, if you're interested, you can do the math as all my numbers are in last Friday's post below). With one week to go before departure for Mexico, I am very happy with this. :-)

The funny thing is that the more weight I lose, the more "bad" details I see with my body. I don't remember noticing these things 23 pounds ago (and I won't enumerate them here and give them even more power to obsess me!). But, since I am noticing them now (or allowing myself to notice them maybe), they are troubling me. So I have to spend a lot of energy focusing on the loss, the clothes that feel and fit better, etc. I know I'll probably never feel perfect and somehow have to come to terms with that...again.

Got up early this morning and walked with DB to our local farmers market (just 4 blocks from our house). The produce, etc. was beautiful, I used to go to farmers markets once a week to get the freshest/in-season stuff, but stopped (now I remember) because things were cheaper at Trader Joes. Sad, but true. But we splurged on a few things -- fresh cherries, corn on the cob, cabbage, yellow squash and radishes. I'll figure out some concoction to make tomorrow night with all this (minus the cherries which DB and my office will eat today!). DB is out of town again all next week on business so I'll be back to all salads!! This serves the dual purpose of getting off that last little bit of weight before vacation and making me so sick of lettuce-type food that I won't feel bad about not risking lettuce in Mexico. ;-)

Super busy weekend coming up: birthday party/dinner for a friend tonight, hardwood floor repair at the house all day tomorrow starting at 8 am (yawn, I'm tired already!), yoga, pre-vacation pedicure and brow wax, shopping for final stuff for vacation and birthday gifts for one of the grandkids and (hopefully) Raconteurs show on Sunday night (tickets go on sale in about an hour and a half and we're crossing our fingers!). Oh yeah, I've got to fit another gym or yoga in there somewhere on Sunday...and I will. :-)

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


Grumpy Chair said...

Helen, sounds like another fun filled weekend.

Enjoy and congratulations on your continued weight loss.

Thora said...

The little things that seem bigger are only because they had 23 pounds to hide behind. The little things are just that, little! Trust me, whatever they are, the average person on the street isn't going to notice.

Congrats on the 23 pounds gone. That is a significant amount of weight!

Vickie said...

The little things - are TOTALLY normal - in my opinion. And hopefully they are mostly under your clothes where you don't have to stare them down all the time.

And they get better.

You don't have time to get them all ironed out now - before your trip, so just choose clothes wisely and don't look in the mirror naked.

when you get home - figure out what you can do about them - exercise wise and then just build it into your normal routine.

Vickie said...

and major congrats on your well earned loss!!!

Cindy154 said...

I am really psyched for your loss, and for your trip. I bet it feels really good to be down those many pounds and to go on vacation feeling good in your body. What a cool thing! I know that we notice flaws after a loss. Maybe cuz our expectations are that this stuff will disappear, but also because our bodies have to catch up wiht the loss. It takes time to firm the loose areas that are left. Anyway that's my two cents worth on it. You are doing so great and are such an inspiration to me!!!Thanks!!

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Vickie said...

added NY pics from our early 20's on my flcker account

can you remember the year???

I am not sure that I have the wedding pics that you have - can you please e-mail them to me??? The only ones that I have are large groups of wedding parties - do you have some of just us (two)? do you have any from college with just us two? I don't think that I have anything other than big house/dorm shots by a professional.

Vickie said...

found some college ones.

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

I get what you're talking about--seeing the flaws illuminated more by the weight loss. For me, it's been important to strengthen myself with various activities (like running) so that I can focus on what this body can do instead of just what it does or does not look like.

And remember, there's barely a woman on the planet (at least in the Western world) who would say she's happy with everything about her body.

L.G. said...

The little things are normal. I just looked at myself in the mirror this morning and saw something I hadn't noticed before...ugh. But on the other hand, I can't complain because I'm noticing it because I have gotten this far (but with many roadblocks).

Congrats on the 23 pounds gone! Whoo-whoo! And what a fun weekend you had.