Monday, May 12, 2008

Skipped a concert/date for the gym

Maybe that's a little much, but this shows how serious I am, right? (I have to admit that I wasn't all THAT excited about the show anyway, but giving up a date with my sweetie is major!). Anyway, last night I actually skipped going to a concert with DB because I didn't have time to do that AND go to the gym. Yes, I really did that. So I went to the gym, had a salad for dinner and watched "Lust, Caution" (NOT recommended) while DB went to the show with another friend (so at least I didn't deprive him due to my diligence about exercise!).

It was a 3-Netflix weekend -- I watched a movie on Friday night (Starting Out In The Evening --very beautiful -- I love Frank Langella and Lily Taylor) and DB and I watched Juno on Saturday night (I'd already seen it, but it's so clever that I was happy to watch again).

Saturday I also got my hair cut and practiced my Spanish with my hair-cutter, then walked to yoga (so luxurious to be able to walk along the beach to yoga -- not to mention a 2-plus-mile round-trip of extra exercise!) which was great (Forrest Yoga -- my belly muscles still hurt today!). By the time I walked home, DB was back from Nearby Town. Yippee!!

Yesterday we took my mom to brunch, then went to sporting goods stores -- to REI and got some water shoes and some hiking Teva sandals for me, some special Crocs for water and hiking for DB (or so he thinks -- I don't think Crocs are too great for hiking, but...) and an aluminum (or stainless, I'm not sure) water bottle for me. Then to Sports Chalet to try on ski boots that they were holding for DB (this is the time of year to buy). His feet are so wide that it's hard to find good shoes for him....the ones they were holding weren't quite right so we're having a couple of others shipped over to try and we'll go for them this weekend. He's got to go out of town for business all next week so we're gonna be BUSY this week!!!

Today I got the fun of going with DB to a dermatoligist appointment -- he's had a huge cyst in the middle of his back forever (since before I knew him) and it's started to be red the past few weeks -- I popped it yesterday and got a lot of gunk out, derm had to incise it and I needed to be there to get instructions on aftercare. WARNING -- rest of this paragraph is probably TMI and weird -- skip if you are squeamish -- but I really actually love popping skin thingees and squeezing them so seeing this little surgery today and all the gunk that came out was pretty cool. Odd since I don't like blood and guts at all, but there it is. I'm hoping it will all be healed before we start swimming in the ocean in Mexico...the doc didn't seem to think it would be a problem, but we'll get back test results on Thursday.

DB is all about the salads right now so I am heading into another week of salads every night...we are gonna look so fab when we get to Mexico!!! :-)

Oh yeah, another thing -- I did a bit more clothes shopping for me this weekend (it's so much more fun than it has been in a looooong time now that almost all the 12s are fitting!). I found the elusive shorter shorts and also got a cute slimming pair of dark denim capris. I love shopping for clothes so much...but I do have a new rule: when something new comes in, an equal amount goes to Goodwill. So I bagged up some capris and shorts this weekend. Oh yeah, and shoes too to make up for the shoes we bought. I feel so virtuous. ;-)


Vickie said...

I have had my mother take a kid to the doctor so that I didn't miss an exercise class.

Hell or high water.

If I shoot for EVERY day - it happens. personally - if I try for a couple times a week - it never happens. So I can see that for a full time working person - if you made appointments with yourself - you would HAVE to keep them - or you would simply never get to the gym.

So, I understand totally.

Cindy154 said...

I am so glad you are having the joys of shopping. And I want to get as Drastic as you are about going to the gym. In order for me to go I usually have to give up something else, but it is worth it. I like the idea of getting rid of clothes as soon as you get new ones.

Grumpy Chair said...

You are just amazing with the exercising!

I love salads and try to eat one everyday (on the side) at lunch.

I remember years ago, I lost some weight and went from an 18 to 14; I would go shopping and try on clothes and it is the best motivator to keep on trucking!