Wednesday, May 7, 2008


If I don't like (and don't accept as "real") the up fluctuations, conversely I can't accept the down fluctuations either. This is why I haven't been weighing every day. Today I popped on the scale just to see what was what because I was feeling good and wondered if I should be brave enough to try to wear a skirt to work that I haven't worn in, oh, probably almost 4 years or more (I love this skirt or I would have gotten rid of it long ago...very flattering when it pencil skirt to the knee and hugs the body). So what happened? Down like 3 pounds from YESTERDAY (I didn't pay attention to the decimals because I know it's not REAL).

I know it's not REAL because I ate yesterday EXACTLY what I eat every work day: dry blueberry toast, an egg white and an egg for breakfast, frozen Trader Joe's chicken vindaloo for lunch, a few pieces of melon, some grapes and one piece of pineapple in the afternoon (actually that fruit was extra...I usually don't eat fruit), then salad for dinner, TJs frozen fruit bar for dessert, some radishes and some little artichokes for snack. I guess I should say I eat PRETTY MUCH that every REGULAR work day (the snack in the afternoon was extra yesterday, the snacks after dinner are different and sometimes I eat lunch my detriment...see below). So how did my scale say 3 pounds down today? It's not REAL.

But, while it's not REAL, I do have that skirt on today. And it fits perfectly and I look good (at least two people mentioned it). That FEELS good. :-)

So maybe I should weigh every day...if the scale goes down, I'm motivated because what I'm doing is working. If it goes up, I'm motivated because I want it to go down. I will think about this...when I lost The Big Weight, I weighed every other day (when I went to the gym).

And today, I'll try to live in the moment and just feel good about being in my skirt. :-)


Vickie said...

Glad you had a good skirt day!!!

I am trying to work back up to weighing every day - and see what it does to my mind crazies.

I learned a hard but back friendly lower abs exercise today at PT.

the first level is on your back - abs pulled in HARD and lower back firm against the floor. Shoulders back and down and relaxed. Arms at side. One leg is bent and pulled up into "table top" so that the calf is parallel to floor and thigh is perpendicular. 1st leg is held there in this table top position while second leg is lifted into same position. NOT toe taps where you are in a fluid motion up and down with these bent legs. this one is all about holding the 1st leg up while the 2nd one joins it and holding both up there - with back and abs squeezed down hard. then you lower 1st leg so that foot is on floor (knee still bent) and then 2nd leg (so foot is on floor, knee bent). Switch which leg is first and repeat.

second level:
same position, same lifting of 1st bent leg and then second bent leg - but this time you slide the heel of the first leg along the floor - until the leg is all the way out and flat and then slide that same first leg all the way back until it is bent and up with the 2nd leg that has remained in the bent/table top position the whole time. 1st foot goes down on floor and then 2nd foot follows. Switch side and repeat.

HARD work.

Thora said...

You know, I'm glad I'm not the only one this happens to! (It would be nice if it didn't happen to us at all, you know what I mean) It is physically impossible to gain 5 pounds in one day... but my scale seems to think otherwise. What the heck, scale? I think it's a conspiracy.

Thora said...

(delete this comment if you want - I'm not clever enough to figure out your email address so I answered you here) - it starts with an N and rhymes with "Flursing" :> (the dancers are wearing little nurses hats)

L.G. said...

I am so happy you had a great skirt day! Your food sounds absolutely delicious and I can't wait until a) we get a Trader's Joe near us (aka an hour away) and b)the hoopla over its opening dies down a bit so I can get INTO the store.

Remember, the skirt is real. Numbers are a bit abstract (at least to this fine arts major).