Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Getting "There" and Being Here

Where is "There"? I've been thinking about this...

I've been feeling like I'm getting There with my weight and my exercise and my yoga and my Drastic becoming Normal. But I am still not sure where There is. And it gets tricky when I feel like I might be almost There...I feel myself getting comfortable with Here. And that is actually great...when I'm in maintenance! But when I get comfortable with Here and Here is not There, then I can lapse and never get There and slide back into...There. Interesting how behind me is There and ahead of me is also There...I think this is definitely why it's important to learn how to be Here. :-)

Not sure if any of that will make sense to anyone else, but it's kind of an abstract of what I'm observing in my reality lately. Getting to a weight where I really want to be is much more of a reality than it has been for a few years. When I feel that way, I start to feel a little lax in my Drastic. Truthfully, this is probably healthy...I read somewhere this weekend that asking yourself to be perfect when losing weight 100% of the time is a losing battle. This thing said that we should try to AVERAGE 80%...some days will be 120% because you just do great, some days will be maybe 50%, but the AVERAGE is what counts. I agree with this, but I feel myself getting scared of getting too comfortable. So I still am watching myself carefully...I put on clothes that are not loose...this reminds me to keep going because people really notice the loss and I don't have room to grow! (Today I have the Talbots 12s on...looser than a few weeks ago and now perfect.)

I guess all this might come from my weekend and our upcoming trip to Mexico. Last weekend at the party we went to on Friday night I had about 3 big glasses of red wine and some "forbidden" foods (bites of pita after dark, cashews, pita chips, hummus). I woke up feeling all cotton-mouthed and yucky...haven't had this feeling since February and I don't like it. I also had some beer and wine on Sat. and 3 beers on Sunday. This was a lot less than I "normally" would drink and there were no ill effects. I ate well both those days, walked 2 miles round-trip to sweaty yoga on Saturday and went to the gym on Sunday too plus a couple other beach walks. But the booze worried me because I will definitely be drinking next week in an environment where I won't be able to control the snacks which are available as much (at home I always have jerky, radishes, artichokes, lean lunch meat for when I get snacky). I don't want to blow up when I drink my first margarita. So I guess I was experimenting last weekend. Since I have the pants on, I probably did ok...hopefully with the exercise I did a maintain (I haven't gotten on the scale -- had some soy sauce last night when I made a tofu/ginger/cabbage stir-fry -- one of my favorites when DB is gone 'cause he doesn't really like it like I do). Side note on sodium -- it TOTALLY affects me (I know no one will be surprised). I had an old ring on yesterday that I haven't been able to wear in a long time...it fit great and that was just another NSV for me. This morning post-soy sauce -- I couldn't get it on!

We also did a lot of other stuff last weekend to get ready for the trip -- bought last-minute clothes and supplies. We're trying to go "light", but even though we're taking minimal clothes (I'm planning on 3 swimming suits, 3 shorts, 3ish sarongs, a few shirts, a dress, Tevas, water shoes and flip flops, basically), snorkel gear takes up a lot of room! So we'll be taking one big suitcase and one small for 8 days for two people...should be ok. I hope so!!

DB is gone this week on business so I'm wrapping up the home fires (he'll be back on Friday and we leave Saturday morning) and my own work fires (of which, of course, there seem to be a LOT the week before vacation...I guess I'm lucky next weekend is Memorial Day and a lot of people have already left for vacation THIS week!). I'm feeling a little stressed out although we are very well planned -- some chest and arm and head discomfort this morning. I think I just need the vacation A LOT...or maybe it's my screwed up hormones. Dear God, please don't let me have a heart attack or stroke this close to vacation!! ;-)

If anyone hasn't been around in a few days, be sure to read the post below about the infomercial -- I hope everyone will feel free to send along to any friends they might have who might qualify -- I know it's hard for a lot of people to confront that they need to lose that much (I'm having a hard time getting the people I know to do it), but I think it's a great opportunity -- I'd JUMP on it if I could!!!!

Here's to being Here and appreciating both Theres.


Cindy154 said...

I totally get your Here and There discussion. I have never been so close to There, but feel that the Final There may be a little further off. But I have been able the past year or so to enjoy the Here while at the same time still work towards the There. It's been slow for me but it has been working. I know I don't want to go back to the old There. I like that you wrote about it. I think of it often. I decided I don't have to know where the Final There is. I just have a preliminary There I want to get to for now. I believe you will do great on your trip. You may gain some stuff but you will go back to your Drastic. You can even have lighter days after your bigger eating days. And you will be running around having fun. Having fun burns calories. You may be surprised how much easier it will be. I am excited for you!!

L.G. said...

When is Here? Do we even know we're there or here? I'm not being a smart aleck but honestly, sometimes I don't think we know ourselves what is "here."

It's a great post and you've reminded me of the line from Carly Simon's song, "These are the good old days."

Have fun on your trip and enjoy yourself. We will miss you!