Monday, May 5, 2008

More yoga and more

My yoga yesterday was totally different than on Saturday -- more what I'm used to -- a flowing series of poses -- very sweaty and not a lot of attention to form from the teacher (at least verbally). I like these classes because they are good cardio exercise, I lose my busy mind and can get very meditative by just "going with the flow" and I know enough to watch my own form and self-talk through. This is not as great as if a teacher reminds me (and pushes me to my own level), but is ok for every day practice. But I really feel sorry for and sometimes worry about the other people in the classes who have not had the chance to study with as many different teachers as I have and who don't know how they can really hurt themselves doing things wrong...or help themselves by doing them more "right". Anyway, the studio was huge (several rooms in one building) and very beautiful with all the yoga "amenities" (props, music, etc.) that a person could want. In these big studios, they often go for the least common denominator types of yoga...again, this is ok, but I am so happy that I have had the chance to get more in my yoga journey. :-)

My overall weekend was kind of nice, but it's very difficult up there -- DB's dad makes absolutely no sense when he talks 95% of the time (dementia). His mom (Alzheimer's) sleeps constantly. Neither of them eats. Both of them have problems with controlling elimination so DB is constantly changing diapers and clothes. DB is, understandably, depressed and cranky when up's not a fun environment. Having said that, I was so happy to get to be there with him, it was nice to see his sister and her kids who were there when we arrived on Friday night, and everything smells amazing, etc. (see prior post!)

I really will miss DB this week...he's been home for over a month and I got used to it...woke up in the night last night with a very bad dream and then I REALLY missed him!! ;-)

I ate probably more than usual over the weekend (it's kind of boring being trapped in the house with the parents so, naturally, we eat -- "we" meaning me and DB, not them) and had a couple of beers. For that reason, I didn't get on the scale this morning when I got home...figured I'd wait until I'd been totally good for one day again and will get on tomorrow. However, I didn't eat anything that was bad, just more quantity than I probably needed. I'm going to hope that my exercise balanced that out. And I'm eating salads every night this week with DB gone... ;-) In any event, the yoga made my body feel really good -- I am walking straighter, better, feel great.

We watched There Will Be Blood yesterday afternoon. Wow. Really, just wow. So interesting, SUCH good performances. Wow.

And we also watched this talk on-line. It's 18 minutes long, but totally worth your time. I haven't seen anything this thought-provoking in a very very long time. You won't regret watching -- you will smile and think. And, on that note, here's to nourishing the right brain. :-)

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Vickie said...

is everyone in the family on the same page in regard to calling 911 and do not treat or whatever they have decided???