Friday, May 2, 2008

Not such a fun Friday weigh-in

Well, I'd better get this over with: I am up 2.2 pounds from last week. This is the first time I've been up since starting The Drastic except for that week I was in NYC and not eating well at all. This week I'm pretty perplexed about this and am trying very hard to think this is an aberration: while I wasn't perfect this week, I was very very good. I did have a few glasses of wine over the week. I ate out for lunch on Tuesday (grilled chicken, rice, salad, steamed dumpling). But I think eating out for lunch yesterday was the killer -- I ate at a Chinese place and, while I had chicken wonton soup and veggie moo shu (just veggies and egg), I think there must have been soy sauce in there because I felt really really bloated the whole rest of the day -- to the point that last night I did a lot longer than usual on the elliptical and had a smaller salad with no protein, strawberries and artichokes only for dinner. When I see such a small thing really affect the weigh-in, I'd be lying to say it's not depressing.

(It also could be because I didn't, shall we say, go to the bathroom this morning and that can make at least a pound's difference...)

But I am still in skinny jeans today. And I'm pretty sure even 2 pounds over my whole body doesn't make me look that bad (more and more people are noticing my weight loss). And...NO MORE SODIUM like that!!!!! Which totally sucks because I love my Japanese and Chinese food... :-(

Headed to Nearby Town tonight for a couple of days -- DB has his "duty" week taking care of parents and Evil One who is usually there to help is off on a church "mission" in Europe for two weeks (I find it hilarious in a nauseating way that Evil One is SUCH a "good" Christian that he goes and does stuff like this, but is SUCH a...well, BAD his family). So I'll be there to help DB out for at least a couple of his days of duty. I was a little worried about doing this because I had a lot of exercise planned for this weekend: two yoga classes and swimming with a friend. BUT, yesterday I researched yoga studios near DB's parents' house in Nearby Town and found two places that I can go...definitely tomorrow and maybe Sunday too. The most exciting part is that the closest one is Iyengar!!! This is the type of yoga that I think is great for healing injury (and I'm having some elbow and back pain the past couple of days) and is not readily available to me at home so I'm REALLY looking forward to that class tomorrow morning! :-)

Mainly I'm just going to try to forget this morning's weigh-in and hope things are better when I can get back on my scale on Monday morning.

Have a good weekend, everyone! :-)


Vickie said...

Even if you had said you were up FIVE pounds (instead of the two) - I would have said the same thing. It is definitely the chinese. And when you add poo into the mix - two is very good indeed and my guess is that you actually lost weight. It just might not show on the scale for a week or so.

have a fun time trying out the new studios.

Grumpy Chair said...

Gonna agree with the sodium. I can just walk into a Chinese restaurant and absorb any evaporated soy sauce.

You are so good looking up yoga studios so you still get your yoga in.

Have a great weekend.

Cindy154 said...

I vote for the chinese also. You will show a loss later, I think you probably lost, too. Hope you have a great weekend.

ar said...

Agreed about Chinese food specially if your system is clean. May also be lots of additives in it that caused the irregularity of the morning. Also think you have lost weight. Good you are so much on the go and layed on some fun Yoga sessions to distract you completely. Weighing can sometimes be a killer and stressful. I remember when I threw my scale once, think it was in my mid thirties. That had been the end of the scale and weighing for a very long time! Probably clothing is the best measurement of all. Non-elastic tailored slacks, like the ones you mentioned in one of your previous postings that you could not get on before. Sort of a given you had lost weight. Am completely envious and happy for you and hope you have a wonderful weekend.

ar said...

Hallo Helen:

Hope this link is better, it goes straight to the photo of the swim suits:

L.G. said...

Sodium. I agree with the others.

As for your religious member of the family; sigh, we have one of those too. I just tell myself, "How Evil would S/he be if they DIDN'T go to church?" :-)

I know you'll miss the DB.