Friday, May 9, 2008

The Scale helps with perspective

I know...we all hate The Scale. It's irrational and, being rational people, we try to psych it out -- why is it up when we've eaten and exercised well? Why is it down when we haven't been perfect? There is often no rationale for what we see when we step on it. And that is a perspective I'm trying to come to terms with.

BUT...over the long term (longer than a few days or weeks) it can give us SOME perspective.

I have been recording my weight at least weekly for over a year and a half now. I can see where I was last year (not too bad) and in mid-February of this year (very bad). And, happily for me right now, I can see today. And today I needed to look at this morning's number along with a few others in order to get my honest perspective:

- I am down 3.8 pounds from last Friday.
- I am down 1.6 pounds from two Fridays ago.
- I am down 21.8 pounds from February 19.

While it may seem to some of you that I have been losing quickly, I really wish this process was faster. One pound a week or so is healthy, but for how Drastic I still feel I have been generally, it seems like it's awfully slow. And the perspective with that is that it is WAY easier to put pounds on (a pound GAINED a week? NO problem! I can do five easily!). So I'm working toward my vacation where I know I will be eating a lot more than I have been by starting to visualize how I will try to not go too far overboard -- I will need to try to remember how much easier and quicker it is to put on the weight than it is to lose.

And, be assured, I do intend to keep losing (10 more pounds would be nice...I could go even further, but we'll see)!! I probably will gain when we are away -- margaritas, chips, Mexican food -- all this is far from what has become (again) my normal diet. But I am strong in my conviction to keep at it when I get back...I will get back on the wagon immediately...just as I have after our little vacations to NYC and skiing where I fell off for a bit. I need to remember that I have had a good loss these past few months despite having gone of the tracks TEMPORARILY during those special occasions. The key is to IMMEDIATELY get back on. And, in order to be sure I do that, I am starting to think ahead to that NOW. Visualizing how I will be after vacation and dealing with how I will cope with a little gain.

I am working on figuring out (or coming to terms with) how The Drastic will become (is becoming) The Normal. THAT is the key for me to keeping up this good path that I am on.

Day to day stuff: DB comes home tomorrow -- yay! I've missed him a lot (although his being away has allowed me to be really good this week -- salads every night for dinner! -- I may continue this when he's back and he seems like he might be game for that). Tonight I plan to walk Doglet (if it's not too gloomy/cold at the beach), then watch a movie. Tomorrow I have pre-vacation hair trim, then yoga, the DB comes home. Sunday we will take my mom out to breakfast for Mother's Day then I will go to the gym (or yoga if times work out). I also would like to be able to shop for some shorts for our trip -- why are all the shorts they are selling now so LONG (at least where I was shopping the other night)? It's going to be HOT in Mexico and I need shorter loose shorts. (Yes, I did buy a new bathing suit. Tried one on that I really liked and it was too big. Went out and found it two sizes smaller -- perfect. Trying on clothes was fun -- I fit in all the 12s and, of course, that was the day I was in the 10 skirt. I'm a lot happier as a 10-12 than as a 12-16!)

Wishing everyone a great and fun weekend...and lots of perspective when dealing with The Scale. ;-)

P.S. Don't forget to watch or tape Pasta Queen on Sunday's Today Show!! :-)


Vickie said...

I did record jennette and thought she did a very good job - she looked relaxed and like she actually heard what he said and knew what she was saying. if I were doing it - it would be a blur.

I find that all that track decimal points on the scale - seem to make the regular fluctuations of the scale a big thing. I personally did not follow the little dips or ebbs that closely - when I was on every day. I just followed the general decade that I was in and gave myself about a two pound leeway in what I worried about (up or down).

I have often thought that a scale that rounded to the nearest '5' might be wonderful - easier to deal with mentally.

Anne M. said...

I don't really hate the Scale - I did for a long time, but it simply gives feedback. If I don't like what it says, well, it's up to me to do something. You're right that the time to do that is immediately when we see a change, not wait and hope that the numbers will go in a different direction.

Hope you have a wonderful vacation!