Friday, June 27, 2008

Maybe it WAS the fruit

I'm down just 0.6 today. I can't really think of any reason why such a small loss this week except (a) the fruit, or (b) new hormones. Otherwise this week was very consistent with all my previous weeks since February. Maybe it's just that I had the surprising 3 pound loss last week and this week is balancing things out. Whatever it is, I think I'll stay away from fruit as much as I can -- no great loss to me -- I just have thought that I could eat fruit as a substitute for high-cal desserts at business meetings -- no more (at least for a while)! (And thanks, ladies, for your suggestions that maybe it's a fruit allergy -- very well could be!).

Don't get me wrong...a loss is a loss! And, as I said to DB this morning, I'd sure rather see it going down virtually every week for the past months than to see it bouncing around like it did for the year and a half prior!! ;-)

HUGE weekend coming up: PD's 30th b-day is tomorrow so she's having a fancy wine-tasting party at her house tonight. We will go up there (an hour or more away), check in at hotel (we're staying over and not at their house because we want to get to SLEEP -- you'll see why!), run over to their place, party, then back to our hotel for sleep. We have to get up early, go back to PD's house, pick up Princess, Smiley and Cry Baby, then head out to Nearby Town (another hour and a half away) for the family wedding at 11 am. (PD is going with grown-ups to Vegas to celebrate her big day, so we're keeping the kidlets.) Staying in Nearby Town for all the festivities (at a hotel because DB's parents' house will be full of family) including baptism (or "bath-tism" per Princess -- story to follow) of the wedding couple's son on Sunday! :-) We don't expect much sleep... ;-)

Story of "bath-tism": When I referred to "baptism" last Saturday while shopping, Princess asked me what that meant. I took the quick-and-easy solution of saying "you go to church and the priest puts water on you". This satisfied her. And the rest of the day she referred to "bath-tism"...which, to me, makes abundant sense...she heard there was water involved and made it work for her understanding! :-) I love this story and, forever after, it shall be known as bathtism in our family. :-)

There will be wine and cheese tonight and eating well this weekend will be a challenge...not to mention NO organized exercise probably (I'm hoping we get some swimming in at the hotel tomorrow evening). I'll have to be super duper good next week to keep going down, but that's getting to be Normal now...

Wishing everyone a fun weekend!


Laura N said...

Oh my gosh, that sounds like an absolutely fabulous weekend! You should totally enjoy yourself--don't go nuts over food, but don't obsess. Just enjoy your life and your new size and how you feel healthy and loved and alive.

I love the bathtism story. So sweet.

Anne M. said...

Sounds like such a wonderful weekend! Hope you enjoy yourself immensely. Loved the story about "bath-tism" - made perfect sense to me, too!

Vickie said...

did the kids wear you two out???

Cindy154 said...

I hope you survived the kids....hee hee. Fruit is tricky for me because of the sugar content. I find I avoid it most of the time except for the lower sugar items like berries and certain melons and peaches. I think your body maintained your three pound loss and then lost a smidge more and that is FANTASTIC. Bathtism makes really good sense to me as well. I could draw other analogies. But time is short. Congrats on the weigh in!!!

L.G. said...

What a fun weekend. I love the bath-tism. Kids...they can be so cute.

Maybe you can keep a list of the fruits you try and what happens afterwards. It might be the type of fruit.

Just enjoy yourself and I'm so glad you had fun!