Monday, June 9, 2008

A lot to say and NO TIME

I'm posting this in haste just to remember what I need to post about when I have time...SO much stuff over the weekend:

- long yoga workshop on how to heal knees with your yoga practice.
- lots of "out-of-comfort-zone" eating (dinner, Carnavale, kids party)
- bad fall (seriously scraped my chin and hurt my right wrist -- going for XRay tomorrow)
- death of 59-year-old colleague (not someone I was close to, but another case of the 50s are dangerous for women and it kind of freaks me out since I'm fast approaching that Danger Decade)
- last but not least: worried about Hoosier bloggers/friends -- is everyone ok???

My wrist hurts too much to spend a lot of time here, but promise to update when I can.


Vickie said...

I am not flooding and have not blown away (is there something else happening that I missed?). It is HOT here - I did turn the air on at the end of last week (so the house stayed cool and had a chance to stay ahead). Before that - we were opening the upstairs windows at night and then closing everything up during the day.

Heat is WIPING me out - really tired by the end of my day.

Lynn said...

It was 24 degrees here this morning. Is supposed to snow tomorrow. I hate being over scheduled. Makes me nuts. Our phone quit over the weekend and I was GLAD. I always miss vacation when I come home. I am trying to vacation at home but the shorts and snow boots just look silly. Happy day.