Friday, June 13, 2008

Livin' La Vida Normal

Today's weigh-in shows me just 0.2 pounds (virtually NOTHING) above my pre-vacation weight (2.8 pounds less than last Friday)!! Whoo hooo!! Now I can keep on the downward trend. :-)

I have shown myself here that I can have a vacation, enjoy "bad" stuff for a week, gain some weight and still get back to Normal and keep up with my good healthy lifestyle. This week's loss is even after the challenges of last weekend (after which I got Drastic). The Normal is actually, I think, The Balance: some days I overdo, some days I underdo = Balance. I think it might be kind of weird to actually have to think this out and notice it -- I'll bet a lot of people live this way with food all the time without having to make such a conscious effort. I don't know if I ever was that way...I doubt if I ever can BE that way. But this way is OK...I don't mind being more conscious. And I love Balance.

DB leaves for Nearby Town tomorrow for 8 nights. These are not my favorite weeks. It's hard to cram a whole month's worth of Real Life into 3 weeks a month. But it is what it is. I know it's hard for him too...

I have plenty to do to keep me busy, of course! Tonight I hope we get to go see the new Indiana Jones. Tomorrow, I have gym, bang trim (my hair dresser now is speaking to me only in Spanish so I can keep my skills up!), getting Doglet a nail clip, and dinner with a friend in another part of town. Sunday I hope to be able to get to the beach for a few hours just to rest and read (that was so nice on vacation!), go to the gym, then dinner with my mom.

I'm happy that I can still do most of my gym routine with my wrist as it is...the only real things I can't do at all are the four arm weight machines that I usually do. It's not bad at all. I am sad that I won't be able to go to yoga class for a bit (SO much depends on your arms...I never really noticed!), but if I can keep up my fitness otherwise, I should be fine when I can go back. I am still hoping the doc tells me next Tuesday that the fracture is all better and I can lose the brace...positive thinking!!!

Wishing everyone a good weekend... :-)


Grumpy Chair said...

Well you are now on Hero status in my book! So many people fail to get back on track after a vacation and continue to eat like they are still on vacation until . . . January 1st!

I think you nailed it with the Balance.

Have a great weekend.

Vickie said...

you can still do a LOT of pilates and the advantage of the DVD's is that you can just fast forward through the plank stuff. Although - now that I think of it - you probably can assume a dolphin like pose and do it that way. sometimes I do it that way anyway - because it works on my traps more. I have done push ups in dolphin - rolling forward until my nose touches the floor and then rolling back - really gets the upper arms - shoulders, traps, abs, butt, etc. Pretty much everything except the wrist (now that i think about it).

being able to give up 8 days to go care for parents is heroic!

glad you were able to focus right away and not go through the limbo of "trying" to get back on track - for days and days, weeks and weeks.

I think that is the difference - in general - for many of us. Relaxing into the focus - and going with it - instead of the horrible trying to live in both worlds.

There is enormous relief in realizing that one is never going to be able to have it both ways - EVERY DAY. Somehow in my mind this falls into the "100 calorie pack" visualization. Those that keep trying to buy them and eat them in moderation - and those that think it is a great con from the manufacturer.

There is great relief (I think) in figuring out what works and thinking of that as normal.

Vickie said...

"I try to tell my patients that the failing is with our society which refuses to take responsibility for the continual pushing of food. If they see themselves as being victimized rather than as being weak or addicted, it's easier to discuss taking action. "

Vickie said...

really interesting new maintenance blog.

Vickie said...

actually - now that I think about it - you might possibly be able to do a whole regular class with dophin as your standard - down dog in dolphin, plank in dolphin, etc.

As I mentioned - I substitute dolphin a LOT and there is nothing wrong with my wrists - it is just more chest opening (for me).

Someone that had no hands - could do most everything by using dolphin as their standard pose. . .

L.G. said...

You are awesome! A wonderful vacation, broken wrist and you're back on track.

I know you'll miss the DB but you have lots of things planned for his absence and in a way, you can do a lot while he's gone. He'll miss you tons!

Keep up the great work!

Cindy154 said...

Great to hear you are doing so good. I love the Balance. Vickie talked about being EVEN. I called it just Being. I think it's the same concept. I'm glad you can still exercise in spite of the wrist. My first physical therapy is today for my back, and it is a good day for it. I drove a long trip yesterday, perhaps close to 6 hours round trip, and I feel it in the middle back and neck. I really need help with that. Here's to the BALANCE!!! I so much want to live where you live. Every time you talk of Beach I get this glorious can I live near a beach, maybe retirement?? who knows? I am going to dream on that one.