Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Why I'm sorry I'm home from Tulum

Edit: Here we are in our hammock on the porch of our cabana on the beach in Tulum:

- The waiters at the Mexican restaurant where we ate last night (yes, on our first night home) don't speak Spanish.

- Real shoes cramp my feet, bras hurt, pants feel funny...why can't I wear my bathing suit every day anymore?

- My skin is dry, not smooth and/or sticky from sunblock, aloe lotion, the rain/salt spray.

- Sleeping without the constant noise from the wind and waves is no fun.

- I miss huevos motulenos (although my waistline doesn't).

- I miss my snorkel.

- Why did my cold go away the minute we landed and it's back the minute I'm home?

- I got way less groceries at the market yesterday than I got for the same money at Super San Francisco last Friday

...and the number one reason I'm sorry I'm home from Tulum:

- No cerveza for breakfast. ;-)

But seriously folks (not that that wasn't serious...especially the part about the shoes)...to answer Vickie's questions:

- I did get sunburnt my first day -- I thought I could sit in the sun with 50 SPF on -- WRONG-O. I got away with not getting burnt the rest of the trip, but only by not SITTING in the sun and religiously wearing the sunblock and REAPPLYING. Today I actually look tan -- and I never tan. This is the first time DB has ever seen me with skin anything but pure white! ;-)

- My "skinny" clothes feel a little tight so all the weight gain was not "fake". I'll get some of it off by Friday just by having no cerveza and no tortillas for every meal. ;-)

I'm SWAMPED at work and catching up with home stuff too...will check in with all of you slowly but surely and get caught up...and will hopefully have some photos and details on our trip for you too...SOON. :-)


Vickie said...

show him the pic on my flcker site - you do indeed tan - or you used to anyway.

GREAT PIC of the two of you.

glad you are home - I guess if you are sorta sad to be home - it is a sure sign that you had a really good time.

Are you sure it is a cold and not allergies???

Cindy154 said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip. I want to sleep with the sound of wind and waves. I love the picture of you guys, too. And, I love your comment on my blog. It made me laugh and I need to laugh. I think I need to slow down a bit. Smell the roses or something. Take things lightly.

Grumpy Chair said...

So glad you had a great time on the vacay. I love the picture of you two love birds.

If you flew, it is probably water retention.

Lynn said...

You know I frequently hate you. I am so jealous of this trip I could spit. It was 33 degrees here this AM. I NEED A VACATION. Nice picture.