Friday, July 18, 2008

A happy weigh-in

Added later:

Anne tagged me a while back on this meme and I didn't get around to it because of funeral, etc., but it seems fun so adding it today:

5 things found in your bag:
1) My cell phone.
2) My green Tumi wallet (an anniversary gift from DB two years ago).
3) Keys -- house keys on one ring, car keys on another, office keys on another and all the sub-rings on one big master ring with a clip so I can hang it from belt loops -- very practical! ;-)
4) Reading glasses (gotta have 'em when I'm wearing my contacts!), sunglasses (it's California!) and regular glasses (if I have to take out contacts).
5) Vicodin (I never use it, but have been carrying it at all times for 6 years after horrible back attack -- I'm scared to be that immobile somewhere and be unable to get help).

5 favorite things in your room (bedroom)
1) My sweetheart. :-)
2) "Lean Into Life" (original painting)
3) Photos of DB and me as children and as grown-ups.
4) Our beautiful California king bed...ahhh!
5) Doglet.

5 things I have always wanted to do
1) Write...a lot more than I have time for...I love WORDS.
2) Go to Asia.
3) Be an actress (but without having to do all the work to get a job).
4) Go to New Orleans.
5) I get to do so many things that I've always wanted to that I can't think of any more!

5 things I am currently into:
1) Getting ready for Burning Man. ;-)
2) The audacity of hope (book and idea)
3) Losing weight!
4) Beer (might counteract #3). ;-)
5) LIFE.

People I want to tag: Everyone who wants to play!

The rest of today's post...

During all the upheaval of the past couple of weeks, there was a point where the scale said I was up as much as 4 pounds over my lowest weight. Because I was still not more than when we went to Mexico, I was fine with that, but I knew that I had to get back on the wagon pronto. Through it all, though, I still made myself get on the scale on my weigh-in days.

After the bad eating and drinking and no organized exercise during the funeral weekend last week, I was pretty scared to get on the scale this morning even though I was back to Normal from Tuesday on. I was thrilled to see the scale down about 2 pounds today from last Friday...I'm just a pound and a half over what I was at my lowest a few weeks ago. Considering the birthday/wedding weekend, then 4th of July weekend, then funeral weekend, this is EXTREMELY good. Which is a good thing because the festivities aren't over yet...

Next Wednesday is our fourth a surprise, DB organized an overnight at our special anniversary spot (Nearby Island) and we leave in the morning!!!! I am so excited...our special anniversary spot is very special...close by, but feels like you are in the south of France or something like that. We will snorkel, waverunner, walk, drive golf carts, eat, drink and be merry. We'll be back Sunday night. :-)

We are also starting to really need to spend a lot of time getting ready for Burning Man -- we leave in just 5 weeks and are FAR from ready. But that's exciting too. We looked at some photos from two years ago and it's amazing how much pudgier I was back then...will be fun to run around in my bras and boxers (it's HOT up there and lots of people actually just go nude but that's not for me) and feel like I look a lot nicer (and probably feel more comfortable in other ways too).

Something scary for me happened yesterday -- when we were trying to figure out how to get to Nearby Island, we were looking into a helicopter ride for a minute. They asked us our weights and I had to say it on the phone with DB on the phone too. I had vowed he would never know and now (if he paid attention) he does. Even though I'm lots thinner than I was, just thinking about this makes me sick at my stomach even now a day later. I hate that he knows. And I hope he either forgets or didn't even really pay attention. Why is it so horrible? I'm afraid he won't desire me if he knows the horrible truth. I am really really afraid of that. And I hate it.

OK..I want to dwell on happier things...anniversary week...yippeeeeee!! :-)


Vickie said...

is this the ONLY thing that you feel this way about (not wanting him to know)? Or are there a whole assortment of things that are personal and just not any of his business? Just curious.

HAVE a fabulous time!!!

Helen said...

This is the ONLY thing I can think of that I don't want him to know. Why?

Cindy154 said...

I think DB knows way more about your body than the number on the scale, and he already obviously approves. But I think I know how you feel. I don't tell my number even though it is way lower than it was. Not to a guy anyway. Sounds like you did and are doing GREAT. I am interested in the Audacity of Hope..tell me more if you can. Been wanting to get the book - for my daughter for one thing because she is a supporter of the writer.

L.G. said...

Helen, I think Cindy said it best. DB already knows more about your body than any number on a scale.

I also think guys are really BAD at estimating women's weights/compare to heights. Some guys think 150 is FAT (even though say, the woman might be 6 feet tall) and another guy might think that anyone over 120 pounds is morbidly obese.

In any case, CONGRATS on keeping it together mentally about the weight and discovering that you were worrying over nothing. I hope you and the DB have an absolutely wonderful time!