Thursday, July 10, 2008

No time to write much

We're leaving for Nearby Town tomorrow. The service is on Monday. We're taking PD1's kids with us because I was supposed to babysit on Saturday while PD1 and her partner go to a wedding. It's been incredibly stressful...trying to cram work in as I'll be missing two days, getting Smiley to the allergist yesterday and for blood tests today, packing to go away, rescheduling life stuff that was supposed to happen this weekend, etc.

It's weird...we are kind of looking forward to this...all of DB's siblings (5 of them) will be there. Most of their children (lots -- Irish Catholic family) will be there too...many with their own kids. Coming from a family with just me and my sister, this huge family thing is new and fun.

Food and exercise have been horrible this week. I've had beer almost every night. And I missed the gym on Tuesday because DB asked me to come home to be with him (which really meant a lot to me). But I did go tonight. And after this weekend (which I'm sure will also be bad -- and I can't figure out how I'm going to get any real exercise although there's a pool and I'll, with hope, take exercise equipment) I'll get back to it. I feel FAT and horrible. I'm terrified to get on the scale tomorrow, but I will. And I know it will be up. My body reacts to "not perfect" just too damn quickly. :-( But there are more important things that I have to focus on right now. I'm not proud of this, but I'm accepting that this is how it is.

There is so much to write this week...and no time...


Vickie said...


Cindy154 said...

Sometimes we just don't get to exercise, and we do it when we can. Sometimes we eat more, but we eat less later. You are right, much more important things to focus on. It will all work out. like Vickie said HUGS!!!

L.G. said...

Lot of hugs coming your way.

Actually I do understand what you mean about the looking forward to the funeral part of it. It's sad but sometimes it's the only time families get together. Plus everyone must be relieved that Daddy-O has gone home.

Take care of yourself and be glad you're not at a funeral in the South (or near South). There would be at least 15 cakes and pies and way too much food. Take care and don't think about how you look. To DB, you always look divine.

Laura N said...

So sorry to hear about DB's dad. Funerals are funny things, aren't they? So much smiling and enjoying of relatives you haven't seen in years, at such a sad time. But really, I always think that the person who passed on would want to see everyone having a good time celebrating his/her life.

And please don't stress about the food/exercise situation. You are in crisis mode. All your energy is going toward DB & the kiddos & grieving. It's no time to beat yourself up. Give yourself some grace right now.

Positive vibes coming your way.

Vickie said...

are you guys back home yet? How did everything go? DB's mom doing okay?