Monday, July 28, 2008

Time to get drastic...again

I've been letting down my guard a bit too much these last weekends...too much drinking mostly and less formal exercise...time to get drastic again so I feel and look good for Burning Man (I'll be arriving on playa just 4 short weeks from today!).

I had a fun weekend and got a lot done too so that is all good. :-)

Friday night, DB and I went to the movies (Hancock, which we really liked despite some bad reviews I'd seen and the fact that I knew "the twist" already) and then to dinner. We had great dates 6 of the last 7 nights...the only bad one was on our actual anniversary, go figure!! ;-)

Saturday I got up and headed to get my hair cut -- while that was happening, I got my car washed (the car wash is right next door). It worked out great! Then to the gym (OK, I got SOME formal exercise!), then home to shower and off for my afternoon: over to a friend's to see her new puppy (who, at 5 months, is already bigger than Doglet!) then to another friend's (beautiful house in a lovely neighborhood) for her housewarming party/2nd b-day party for her son. I got home by 7 to bike down the beach for a really lovely dinner with DB. While biking home, we heard a small drum circle down by the waves, so DB went back with his drum and I soon followed to just laze on the sand and listen. We got home about 12:30 am!

Yesterday we slept in, then walked down the beach for a quick breakfast before heading over to empty and inventory Vera the Van (our Burning Man van) and bring a bunch of stuff home that needs to be tested and/or cleaned. We also did grocery shopping and a LOT of laundry (I hadn't washed any of our clothes for Burning Man since last year!). We BBQ'd for dinner (chicken, corn on the cob and salad...healthy...except for the accompanying beer) and watched Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (hilarious) before bed.

After our work yesterday inventorying our Burning Man stuff, I feel a lot better -- I was getting stressed about all we have to do and it's really not that much -- much less shopping than in previous years (which is good because I just paid bills and am feeling pretty poor).

Tonight I hope to get a little walk after work -- the inadvertent exercise is saving me right now -- but am back on The Drastic this week and hope to be able to maintain The Drastic better this coming weekend.


Vickie said...

I think you have done a VERY good job staying on track as much as you have - because if you think back through your schedule for the last 6 mos or so - you guys have been BUSY! Gone from home a lot - family demands - fun stuff too.

I was trying to explain Burning Man to family we have in Arizona - and they didn't know what I was talking (about). WHERE is it exactly? I just assumed there would be all kinds of regional (west) coverage and they would have seen it as a feature story.

Laura N said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful. I completely am with you on weekends being a problem for eating. I've got the same issue and it's killing my weight loss efforts. Weight maintenance--fine. Loss, not so much.