Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter tales or the Day of 1000 Deviled Eggs

Not identifying with any one organized religion, I am not a huge Easter celebrator, but I've got some fun tales of the holiday weekend to share:

DB was away camping with some guys this weekend (I decided not to go because I wanted/needed to spend some time with my mom on Easter -- a holiday that DOES mean something to her) so I was on my own for a couple of days and it was generally fun although I did miss him! :-) I lived alone for a lot of my life so it is an adjustment living with someone who is also my favorite friend to DO things with...we are joined at the hip a lot! I love it, but some alone time is good for both of us...the whole time we have been living together, he has been gone to Nearby Town for a week per month so we're now in a new phase with us living together all the time. We both really enjoyed our two days away...and our reunion yesterday!

Friday night I went home, leisurely walked Doglet at the beach then had a martini and ordered in Chinese food from a great new place that has very light choices. I had shrimp and asparagus and asked them NOT to send the rice. I also had some steamed chicken dumplings. Yummy. Then I watched a movie (The Namesake...liked it a lot) before bed. DB was out of cell range so we didn't even get to say goodnight! There is only one other time in our whole almost-5 years that we've been out of contact for as long as this weekend. I don't love it. ;-)

Slept in on Saturday, then took the Coffee Walk down the beach. After breakfast I went shopping for some Easter gifts to take to PD2's kids (more on that later) and, of course, bought quite a few things for ME (work shoes, two bathing suits that look nice now and will look nicer in 15 pounds, two tops). After shopping, I headed to the gym and then to Home Depot for some gardening supplies. When I got home, I worked on planting some beautification projects around the house and fed our fruit plants. Then shower and out to dinner with a friend (whose husband was camping with DB) and home for lots of talking and wine-drinking (eek, I don't drink wine anymore and yesterday morning I remembered why!).

Sunday I got up early (ugh) and went to get my mom. Brought her back to our place for a little bit before heading to PD2's house. PD2 being DB's daughter (read: not the best planner-aheader in the world), I didn't know until late Sunday morning what time we were supposed to show up for Easter dinner...and I also didn't know that PD1 and her kids were coming too!! This was a happy surprise, but I had to get more stuff from the Easter Bunny to take to the 3 more kids that were going to be there! While shopping to get the veggie plate to take over, I found some amazing Easter stuffed animals...I got one for each of the was hilarious walking into the house later in the afternoon with arms full of snuggly stuffed animals! (No, I am not a pretend grandmom that will encourage too much candy-eating...that is ALL I remember from childhood Easters...candy. No Easter-egg hunt, no new dresses. Just Easter baskets full of candy. Oh yeah, we did dye eggs...that was incidental to the CANDY. I did not have a single piece of candy yesterday.)

At PD2's house, there were the most amazing deviled eggs. I had about 6 (not 6 eggs, but 6 half-eggs). I think. ;-) Needless to say, by the time we ate at 4 or 5 I was not hungry! ;-) The food was not healthy: roast, ham, fatty-Costco salad, fatty-Costco scalloped beans with garlic were the only healthy thing. Oh well. I didn't eat much of the actual meal. And had about 2 bites of lemon cake. Not bad, but I felt stuffed.

It was super-fun to watch the kids do the egg-hunt and be all dressed up in their finery. We also found out that Grandchild Number Six (arriving in July) is going to be a boy...and we learned his name too! I am hoping that by then Cry Baby will look at me (he's stopped crying, but he hides his face when I look at him!)...on the way to loving me! When he gets a little brother, maybe... ;-)

The funniest story (I was going to just send this to Vickie, but I realized you all would enjoy it too):

On Friday, I was looking in the cedar chest that I have in my office to store my personal stuff (mostly files, but other things too). I remembered that I had bought some baby Easter stuff for a friend who was due around Easter one year and had never sent it...I thought that I might use it to give to one of the grandkids this year. I found the stuff (chick booties and baby stuffed rabbit -- all with tags on) and packed it to take home. Then I started thinking about how long I had held on to that stuff...and I realized that I got it for Vickie's middle child...who just turned 15!!!!!! LOL Vickie, please tell Middle Child that the New Grandchild is going to enjoy her gifts. ;-)

Back on the food wagon today. I didn't do great over the weekend, but it could have been worse. And I was thrilled that one of the bathing suits I got is a size 10! :-)


Doc Manette said...

Funny about the gifts! (I have done that, too.)

Once again, I am wishing we could trade places for a weekend - I want to be you when I grow up!

Vickie said...

you might get an email from her demanding pictures so she knows what she missed!

LG said...

That's funny about the gifts but what a fun weekend! I love deviled eggs....