Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I didn't overeat but...

...I did have two martinis last night. So I've blown my "perfection" this week. Of coures, I had an excuse (don't I always?):

Got a call late yesterday afternoon from a college friend who is the closest thing to a brother I will ever have. Like Vickie, I have known him for almost 30 years (gulp!). He said he had two things to tell me that were bad news.:

Number one: he has prostate cancer. Like me, he's 47. He is having surgery next month and is sure all will be ok, but his dad died of prostate cancer that metastasized and, frankly, just hearing that this dear friend has the Big C really freaked me out. I feel sick at my stomach just thinking about it.

Number two: he's getting divorced. He's been married for about 14 years and it's been bad for a few. This is not bad news to me really because I know he wasn't happy in his marriage, but it is very hard for him.

What is it with my friends getting cancer this year? This is the second one in 8 months. And it SUCKS.


Doc Manette said...

Sorry about your buddy. And it sucks he is having to go through a stressful divorce (cuz most are stressful -no matter how "friendly").

Hopefully his cancer was caught in time and he recovers fully.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your friend - knowing someone our own age with cancer is really unnerving and it's hard to know what to do and say to support them. Sounds like he can use your friendship, especially with a divorce on top of the medical stuff.

Cindy...154 said...

wow I am really sorry about your friend. Hard for him to have to go through both those things at the same time. Good for him to have a good buddy like you!

LG said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. It's possible that he has a different kind of prostate cancer and it's really bad that he's going through this during a divorce. At least he thought of reaching out to his friends!

He might go to the NYT health section; they have special sections on certain diseases by people with those diseases and I'm sure prostate cancer is one of them.

BTW, who says you have to be 100% perfect? I already think you already are perfect! :-)

Laura N said...

Girl, good for you for stopping at two drinks. That is rough news to take.

Vickie said...

I feel as if I am surrounded by cancer - literally. So, I understand what you are saying. It is just everywhere these days - don't know if it is our age or the times in which we live.

VERY sorry to hear about G. Surgery is the right choice in my opinion - the men that I know that refuse the surgery - have not done well - the ones with the surgery have done much better and live very normal lives (other than sex).

I am curious about cause and effect with the divorce - I totally understand that many marriages do not withstand a severe illness (even if it is one of the kids). But I can also see someone saying - I can't deal with my own health/illness and a marriage that is not working at the same time - so it might be the cancer person that wants a ZEN place and therefore wants out.

One of my husband's brothers just did this with depression - not so much that the wife was causing the depression - but he just needed out to start over (this is the one that always wanted kids and she never did and he just kept thinking she would change her mind and now it is almost 20 years later).

Also did he marry the variety show one or someone else??? - cannot remember. And do I remember no kids?

I wish him all the best. My guess is that he is going into his recovery with a very positive spirit and will do very well. Does he have family to take care of him and support him?