Friday, April 3, 2009

HAPPY Friday

Getting back to The Drastic (even if only for three full days) this week really helped: I'm down 2.5 pounds and that gives me encouragement to keep going. The Bathing Suit Vacation Diet works for me! Of course, I'm going to have to figure out how to maintain this kind of commitment when I don't have a Bathing Suit Vacation looming to incentivize me. And that's a LOT harder.

I realize that I have kept a huge majority of The Big Weight off for over 15 years. But I am struggling with keeping The Lesser Weight off. I find myself saying to myself either (a) "20 pounds is fast to lose, you already lost a hundred more than that!", or (b) "20 pounds is a huge amount, it will take months and you don't seem to have the will power to be "good" for months (sometimes a DAY seems like a mountain)". It's a constant fight with my "monkey mind" (as Vickie calls it). I'm starting to think that, rather than fight the monkey, I need to accept the monkey, stop fighting the monkey, love the monkey and...teach it who is boss.

I feel better already and I think that I LOOK better already. FEELING good is actually the most important thing to has an element of looking good in there, but that's not all there is.

Like a few of the rest of you, I am seeing summer looming and remembering how good it felt to wear my smaller size and to feel good in shorts and more revealing clothes. This helps too.

Finally, I have to figure out what to do about my arms -- I haven't been exercising them for many months now and my shoulder isn't completely better (although it IS substantially better). And now my other shoulder is starting to hurt -- and I think it's from atrophy. This weekend I am going to try VERY low weights on my arms at the gym and hope that doesn't exacerbate the pain...if it doesn't, I'll work my way up slowly.

We're having Princess with us this weekend (and possibly one of the other grandkids)...I'm looking forward to it a lot! :-)


Cindy...154 said...

I was down today, too. The talking scale cheered for me. I am becoming Drastic. And it works if I can put together a few Drastic Days in a row. . Have fun this weekend!!

Laura N said...

Yay for the loss! 2.5 pounds can be a lot on a smaller frame. I laughed at the "love the monkey" comment. But it's actually a serious proposal--to accept who you are & figure out a way to live with it instead of fighting it. Something to think about.

Enjoy your weekend!

Vickie said...

do you not have people talk about monkey mind at yoga there?

I hadn't thought of the monkey mind as being an impulse control issue - but I suppose that it is.

I have always thought of it as more manic - all over the place - no focus.

Maybe it is all tied together - have the thoughts and then act on the thoughts.

congrats on your loss!!! do you have bathing suit pictures taped everywhere???