Monday, April 20, 2009

REAL exercise

Well, today DB and I have sore bodies. Not from going to the gym, not from boogie boarding, not from biking or any other leisure exercise. No, we WORKED our bodies yesterday. We feel good because it feels like this is what our bodies were made to do!

DB built an amazing rack for us to hang our (many) bikes from in our (small) backyard. He designed it, bought the materials and made it all yesterday! He also fixed something in our alley so it's padded so he doesn't hit it with his car bumper every time he backs out of his garage. Yay!

I regrouted some cracks in our showers, then planted and organized our (teeny) patch of "garden" in our front yard. It has been an ugly patch of dirt with a few stunted palm trees ever since we moved it. I put some containers out there (jade plant where my cat Jack is buried moved from back yard, two others that I planted with jade and some nasturtium for pretty and to eat). And I planted ground cover thyme all over. It looks amazingly better. I even got out of bed last night just to go look at it again! ;-) I also cleaned out some "ground cover" (i.e., weed) around our gas meters out back.

I love love love gardening...both planting and cleaning out. We have such teeny yards that there is not much to do at our place except container gardening. But I found out from a friend this weekend who has a huge yard that she will let me help her clean it out and replant!! We start in a couple of weeks. I can't wait.

All the good muscles hurt today: legs, butt, arms. None of the bad places hurt: back, knees, shoulders. I count this a very successful day! :-)

After we finished, we took a walk on the beach at sunset. It was an amazing day here -- hot like summer -- the beach was more jammed with people than I remember all last summer. I wonder if it is because the beach is a good recession-cheap thing to do for families. The bad thing is that people are PIGS. The trash they leave on the beach is enough to make you cry. DB and I have decided to take trash bags next time we walk on a Sunday night.

All in all, we had a really nice relaxing weekend. After I took my mom to the bank on Saturday and I went to the gym, some friends dropped over and we hung out with them and their baby for a little while. Then DB took a nap, I took a shower and had dinner and we watched Vantage Point (good ride of a movie) before bed.

This coming week is very busy for me. In addition to work (oh yeah, one of my colleagues was laid off on Friday...shouldn't affect me too much, but it's tough), I've got plans every night. Then we go camping this weekend. Whew!! ;-) Will be a challenging week for eating well since we have dinner plans tonight and I have a black-tie event on Wednesday night honoring one of our clients. I'll try to be good...


Cindy...154 said...

Now I am in the mood to garden. I can so relate to you getting up and looking at it. It is so rewarding! I think small yards are great. I like my small back yard. It is amazing what you can do in a small space. Containers are nice because you can move them around. Your weekend sounds wonderful. good luck this week!

Vickie said...

it has rained here most of the week - one good day of sun and most everything will pop up and open. We have so much storm damage from the winter that the first order of business is the saw!

I love container gardens!

I spent yesterday cleaning my VERY dirty kitchen - does that dirt count as gardening?

Bea said...

I took an axe and chopped the piles of ice in our yard into chunks and then drug them out into the driveway to melt. I picked up ancient dog poop in the yard. I raked up dead leaves and rotten apples from under the tree. I pulled weeds with tap roots to Texas. My butt and my back hurt this morning. I am content.

It is supposed to snow again Friday. I hate winter.