Friday, April 17, 2009

Creeping down

It is nice to be back reporting losses every Friday again. I am down a little over a pound this week, which is not too bad considering the Martini Night the other night. I am doing The Drastic a little different this time considering I have more time to lose and less to lose: I am being a bit more liberal (read: beer is allowed) on weekends, but still very strict during the week. The weekday evenings are very very challenging still...I struggle and I am almost always hungry in the evenings. But I'm doing it. I'm thinking that maybe this is the way I can maintain once I get down...very strict during the week and less on the weekends. We'll see. Exercise, of course, remains constant.

To answer Vickie's last comment: my friend does have people to take care of him. In fact, his soon-t0-be-ex-wife will be handling those duties during the surgery time (mid-May). I offered to go up (he lives in a state north of me), but he thinks he will be fine (and DB is looking at hernia surgery sometime in mid-May too, so it's a good thing 'cause he's my first priority, of course!). He also has a VERY good attitude: he said to me "after the surgery, the cancer will be GONE. Something else is going to have to kill me.". ;-) I am hoping that I can convince him to fly down here this summer for a little vacation and fun...

As to his marriage, I think it's kind of a mystery (as these things sometimes are). I know they have had trouble for a few years (drifting apart, she's out of town on business a lot, etc.). And, frankly, I am not horribly surprised at this. As he admitted to me the other day, she doesn't seem to be the kind of person who really is self-reflective and, therefore, may not be able to really articulate her feelings. That is a huge problem in a relationship, I think. And my friend is quite the opposite (although sometimes I think he is too good to be true in his acting all grown-up and mature...I need him to come down here and make him get good and angry about this!). I told him that I can't be around her. I can't forgive her (I blame most of this on her...HE doesn't, however). I reminded him of a boyfriend I met at their wedding who I was with for a few intense months afterward, totally in love, and who broke my heart. I reminded him that he and another male friend of mine who were friends with that boyfriend NEVER forgave the ex-boyfriend (I am now very good friends with that ex-boyfriend...we talk all the time). It's easier to forgive people who hurt YOU than people who hurt those you love.

DB and I have an uncharacteristically quiet weekend ahead (so far). Tonight we'll go out to dinner then to a (music) show in our neighborhood that looks good. Tomorrow I need to take my mom to her bank to sort some things out, then I will go to the gym and then...NOTHING planned. Luxury! :-) Sunday, so far, we have absolutely NOTHING planned (although I hope we can take some time for more training for me in DB's business...he's trying to teach me some stuff so I can help out a little more and it's really interesting!).

I'm hoping maybe maybe to get some boogie-boarding in...cross your fingers!! :-)


Vickie said...

are you actually HUNGRY or is it habit/ritual - eating in certain chair, or while you do certain activity?

Does warm no caffeine tea or even lemon water help? or is better to do something that is not at all food related?

There are a lot of people that knit for exactly this reason - keep their hands busy (plus you can't work with textiles and have food/dirty hands without staining it).

If we all did some fluoride thing - where we couldn't eat or drink for several hours every night - I swear we would all just get out of the habit.

glad that everything looks hopeful for G.

Helen said...

I am actually hungry...I drink water with lime all evening and have a salad and popsicle for dinner. By 10:30 I have to have a snack or go to sleep...I am cranky because I feel suffering from hungry. And that is silly because REAL hungry is everywhere in the world and not really in my house.

I used to do something with my hands and mouth -- SMOKE. But that's long ago and now I just need to fight my way through long hungry evenings until that becomes the norm.

Vickie said...

protein and carbs (in addition to the veggies) in the salad so it holds you???

LG said...

My dad had hernia surgery and actually he did pretty well considering he's a big whiner. :-) So I'm sure DB will be ten times better!

I'm happy for your loss...

It is nice that your friend's STBX is going to take care of him. His STBX sounds a bit like my ex. It just could be how they were brought up or how they react to things. (And I can see with the ex's profession, some coolness and detachment is a good thing to have in that job.) It doesn't matter; the important thing is that you get custody of your friend. :-)

Have a great weekend!