Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Up or down on The Rollercoaster?

I was going to say I'm on my way up on This Rollercoaster meaning that I am having trouble with losing again, but maybe the UP side of The Rollercoaster means things are looking up and I'm losing? I guess it's a bad analogy for me because I don't know which end is UP...but I DO know that my (rear) end is too big! ;-)

Camping over the weekend was a ball, if less full of exercise than I anticipated. We arrived at our beautiful spot (Facebook friends can see photos on my profile) around 7 pm on Friday. DB and Dave had set everything up for us and it was really pretty...wooded, hilly, close to (miraculously flush) toilets, etc. We settled in and had Trader Joes Indian food and rice packets for dinner around the campfire.

Ahh, the campfire...that was VERY necessary this weekend! I wore a knitted hat most of the time, coat at night around the fire, slept in gloves, hat, scarf, long underwear and sweatshirt both nights. But I love the snuggly-ness of a sleeping bag when it's chilly...yum! :-)

Saturday we had eggs and bacon (I know, boo, bad!) for breakfast with lots of strong and delicious coffee (food just tastes better out in nature, doesn't it?). Lunch was sandwiches and low-fat chips. Beer was ubiquitous. We played marathon games of Uno. The teenagers and I took a walk (probably only about a mile) to find the river (which was beautiful). Zeph and I went for a short walk with the baby around the campground. Other than that, no exercise except laughing.

We planned dinner for before it got dark on Saturday -- Dave and Zeph had brought huge pork (which I never eat) steaks (not sure what you call them, but they were like filet mignon!) and corn on the cob. We never got to the salad, but we did snack on raw snap peas. Then we all put on glow-sticks and danced around then sat around the fire until bed. It was lovely. :-)

Saturday we got up late (well, those of us who don't have a baby who is a year and a half old!) so had to jam to take down camp before we had to be out at noon. We then stopped at a great old stagecoach inn for brunch, then DB and I stopped for a few minutes with The Evil One in Nearby Town (we were very close to there).

We finally got all unpacked by 7 on Sunday night and were so happy to have showers and our real bed! :-)

I love camping. Don't know how I lived without it for so much of my life. :-)

I was back on perfect food and exercise yesterday, but today it's the 50th birthday of my friend/colleague who just got laid off so I took him to lunch (had a salad, but I'm sure there was soy sauce involved) and we're going to his birthday dinner tonight (Indian food...I have checked the menu on-line and know that I will have a salad and tandoori chicken, no rice). Even though I am careful, I feel fat. And I'm pretty sure I am.

I'm feeling very frustrated with The Rollercoaster. Last week, this week and next week are all heavy social weeks for us...and those are just damn hard. :-(


Vickie said...

did you send me pictures??????

Vickie said...

so glad you had a good time - it sounds wonderful. I can't imagine dealing with a baby camping (not you dealing - the mom dealing. . .)

Helen said...

Will send you an e-mail with link to photos and videos, Vickie! :-)

Cindy...154 said...

Hang in there. I have been on a rollercoaster myself but feel closer to getting off at any time. Camping sounds so fun. We have camping stuff and I think this year will be a camping year for us..