Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekend of Fun with Princess

Tried to get to write this yesterday and got pulled off for work emergency...trying again: :-)

We had a ball with Princess over the weekend. Friday night we went out for dinner to our "local", then Princess watched a movie with DB while I looked on-line to try to find a Klimt on exhibit in L.A. to take her to see because she had a great art class on Friday, learned a lot and LOVED his paintings. Unfortunately, I came up empty...guess we'll have to take her to NYC with us when we go next. It was very exciting to me to see her excited by art...I love art museums so that is something we can hopefully share as the years go on. After the movie we played Uno then went to sleep.

Saturday I had to get up early for a teeth-cleaning, then went to the gym on the way home while Princess and DB took the traditional Coffee Walk down the beach for coffee and breakfast. By the time I got home, they were ready to go to the beach...and Princess wanted to boogie board! The water is brrrrr freezing right now (it's never very warm out here), so I put on my wetsuit (9-year-olds don't need wetsuits...they run hot!). We hit the beach and boogie-boarded for about 2 hours. SUCH fun exercise...and I wasn't cold at all with my suit on (and the suit isn't TOO unflattering...it's like a huge skin-tight girdle). :-)

After showering, we got some lunch and then got ready to go to...the Dodger game! I won my firm's amazing seats for the Saturday night pre-season game. We also got DB's son-in-law and Cutie Pie (next oldest granddaughter) to come with us. Princess hadn't been to Dodger Stadium before and DB had only been a couple of times (I used to go ALL the time...huge baseball fan). We had a ball...and were only about 10 rows back from home plate. I know how to eat well at the Stadium since I used to go there during The Big Weight loss period. I realized back then that the thing I like about hot dogs is the mustard and onions so I get a soft pretzel and a huge pile of mustard and onions and dip away. I get my same flavor for way less calories and fat! They also have fat-free frozen yogurt at the Stadium and that's a staple too. I didn't do badly even among the rest of the family eating typical fatty stadium food...until DB bought the peanuts. I had a few which is a few too many, but oh well...

Sunday we got up, did the Coffee Walk, then Princess wanted to boogie-board again and I was up for it so off we went! DB was our official photographer because he doesn't have a wetsuit or a 9-year-old's tolerance for cold (I just remedied the wetsuit problem by buying him one at lunchtime today so he can go b-boarding with me!). Much more fun ensued. Then we ran home, took showers and went for a mani-pedi while DB got stuff ready to take to a BBQ at some friends' house later. We ran out of time at the nail salon so just managed to get pedis, but it was fun and funny to see Princess bouncing around in the spa chair when it was on vibrate! ;-)

We had a fun time at the BBQ and were home by 8...for more Uno!! DB took Princess back home yesterday morning. We all had a great time. I miss the times when Princess was young when we used to have her for a week at a time... :-)

Last night we went to our monthly local experimental theatre thingee and that was (as usual) fun. Now back to The Normal...

DB is going camping this weekend with a friend...I'm staying home because I want to see my mom on Easter. I think I'll also go over to PD2's house for Easter dinner. Too bad that DB will miss that, but I'll have fun! :-)

Time to get back to work...


Vickie said...

sounds very fun and I enjoyed every word.

MUSTARD is a wonderful solution for all kinds of things - good idea at the stadium!!! Our local soft pretzel place will sell PLAIN (no butter, no salt) pretzels by special request and that is a very good solution (as you said) with mustard.

I use it to hold 'tuna salad' and deviled eggs together. I use it on salads (like tuna, apples, celery, carrots, greens, beans, mustard) too (instead of dressing).

If one of the kids walks through the kitchen and smells mustard - they tell me it smells (good) like deviled eggs (which they all love).

Anonymous said...

What a fun visit - I can see you all boogie boarding away!

Cindy...154 said...

That sounds so fun. When my daughter was around nine we would go to art museums wherever we were. I love art museums, too!. I want to go on the cofee walk..

LG said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend! That's way cool that you won the tix to see the Dodgers!

There a relatively new museum in NYC that features a lot of Klimt (it's owned by Ronald Lauder). (It's Neue Galerie.) Actually, it owns Adele which is a gorgeous painting.

That's where I wanted to go when I was in NYC before I fell. :-(

Bea said...

Good God. I read this and realized just how isolated I am. I thought our little town had about 300 people. I was wrong. It has 120. I have got to get a more "filled up" life. Shoveling snow, going to church, reading and watching the tube is just not enough. There is stuff going on in Jackson, but it is 75 miles away down an avalanchy canyon. I will figure this out.

First I need to print up my Edina Monsoon slogan in big block letters and stick it to the fridge. "HAVE MORE FUN" needs to become our family motto. Sounds like you all have it down pat. Wonderful fun post. Thanks.