Friday, April 24, 2009


When I weighed this morning, I thought I had lost 1/2 pound which, for a week when I was only perfect two days and ate way too much sodium, I was happy with. Unfortunately, when I went to look at my weight log, I was instead up a pound and a half. That makes more sense, but I don't feel so happy about it. But it was not "possible" for me to do better than this this week -- I had a lot of social plans and a black-tie dinner on Wednesday night that I had to attend for work. I guess I could just not eat or drink at these things (and I'm sure some of you would do that), but it's not realistic for me to expect that.

The past few weeks I have been observing myself again (as usual?) and I have realized that I can lose if I have 3 or more perfect days with food and keep my usual 4 days a week exercise going (I nearly never miss that so it's a given). I think three or more perfect days a week is totally maintainable for most of my life. When it goes down to two like it did this week, I pay the price. And when the perfect days are at two or less it's a LOT harder to BE perfect, i.e., the more slips, the harder to stand firm. All good info for me as I continue my investigation of me and learn to deal with my weight...

I'm leaving work early today to go camping for the weekend. We were headed to the mountains until we heard that nighttime temps were going to be in the low 30s. Brrrrrrr. Much as I like tent-snuggling and campfire-cuddling, that just sounded a wee bit too much. So we're headed to the hills above Nearby Town (about 2-hour drive away) where the lows will be in the 40s. We are going with our friends Dave and Zephyre Microwave and their 4 kids (3 teens, one baby). DB and Dave are already on their way up there -- they should have camp ready when Zeph and I and the kids arrive (hopefully around 6 or so...we're leaving town at 4 after she and I get off work). Should be a fun time...we love the Microwaves! :-)

Food and drink will be bad this weekend, but I hope to get in some hiking and hula-hooping along with all the rest.

Next week I'm shooting for three perfect days again (it would be 4, but I've got a b-day party on Tuesday and going to see David Sedaris -- yay! -- with some friends on Wednesday.) :-)


Vickie said...
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Vickie said...

you made me remember someone that I know here - but haven't seen for many years - she had the 4-3 plan - ate carefully M-Thur and then more liberally Fri-Sun. She was able to maintain easily this way. I don't think she ever counted calories - she just used common sense. This was a mom with 5 kids - so she had no exciting events or dinners out, etc. So that is why she did a straight 4 clean days followed by a looser weekend.

I think you are on to something clever - to deal with the away from home food. Even things up but still be OUT

Especially since these planned events do not seem to send you into WANTS - you seem to be able to attend your night out - make reasonable choices and then go back to your normal food.

I cannot.

That away from home food makes me WANT more, More, MORE in a very alarming way. I can't flip back and forth.

Be very glad that you can - I think it makes life much easier - more choices - especially since you have so many (fun) social opportuntities.

Vickie said...

delete was me - major typo that left one wondering what I was trying to say - I leave the little ones - but have to fix the ones when one can't even tell what word I was trying for!

LG said...

You've given me something to consider: why not try for X number of days instead of 24/7 for now?

I hope you have/had a great weekend. It sounds fun!

Cindy...154 said...

I like the concept of a few or several perfect days and then an imperfect day or two. If I could do real good every other day I think I would lose so long as I was not really bad on the off days..