Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Back to the program

Had a great and relaxing weekend...wrapping up with a food fiesta like I haven't had in a long time so today it's strictly back to the program!

DB got back late Friday night (yay!). We slept in on Saturday, then I went to get my hair cut, did some shopping (to get my mind off real estate drama...it worked!), went to the gym and we went to a special restaurant near our new home for dinner after a leisurely stroll at the beach (yes, we "stalked" the new house!).

Sunday we slept late (even more!) then went to breakfast at Souplantation (not the best, but I figured if I was going to eat pasta -- which I've been craving and refuse to eat at night -- morning was the best time). I ate well, but not perfectly. Then I spent the afternoon in my garden chatting with a friend who was over with her dog (she had an open house because she's selling too -- it was nice to be able to reciprocate for all the Sunday afternoons that I and my pets sat in her garden!). I also cleaned my closet in preparation to move. After my friend left, I took 3 garbage bags of stuff to donate and got a mani/pedi (I learned that Sunday night is the best...NO ONE else was there and it's usually packed on Saturdays!). Then DB biked over and we went for sushi dinner, then home to watch the Tenacious D movie (I fell asleep less than halfway through...as usual when he's around...he's like narcolepsy for me when we try to watch a flick together!).

We slept in again (even more!) yesterday, then got up and had our most social day: BBQs at each of his daughter's houses including b-day celebration for 4-year-old granddaughter (Cutie Pie), then back to our neighborhood for BBQ at a friend's which was super fun. Among the sinful things I ate yesterday: full fat tortilla chips (too many), half a hamburger (no bun), multiple beers (and I don't even like beer, but Memorial Day, you know?), macaroni salad and cheesecake (that was, by far, the worst thing...but I share a piece with DB so it was less bad than it could have been). It was yummy, but my digestive system is begging for relief today.

Now back to reality...and praying that the scale stays the same this week (DB was up 2 pounds from yesterday until this morning!)...

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Lori said...

I'm telling you, you do so much and have so much fun! I'm glad DB is back in town. I'm sure you missed him and vice versa!