Friday, May 4, 2007

Whew, Whatta Week!

First things first: I am down again this week. By about 2.5 pounds. This feels right, but is a little shocking because I have not been perfect with the WOW program. In fact, there was only one night this week when I didn't have a drink. (What can I say? Buying and selling real estate, moving in with DB, all BIG stressy stuff!) While I probably didn't NEED those drinks, some of them definitely helped me keep it together this week. AND I think I was very good at balancing the calories in the booze with food calories. If I was having a drink, I ate very carefully. For example, yesterday afternoon, I cracked open a bottle of wine at the office to celebrate The Big Day, so I didn't eat my afternoon 100-calorie popcorn snack, I went to the gym and when I got home I really wasn't hungry (too excited!) so I just had some Pad PrikKing (Thai green beans with spicy sauce) and two slices of fat-free turkey. And a couple of glasses of wine.

I admit that it is easier for me to "just say no" to food as the week gets along to my weigh-in day on Friday. And I don't think that's a bad thing as long as the scale keeps going down little by little and my clothes get more and more comfy or loose.

The relative success the past few weeks has really motivated me too. I am religiously sticking with oatmeal for breakfast, stool softener at night and artichoke for evening snack when I have them. I'm also watching carefully that I get veggies at night and try to stay low on the complex carbs at night. I am sometimes going to bed with a little "peckish" feeling in my tummy and that is not a bad thing to get used to again. :-) Success makes it easier to walk away from all that "just one bite" stuff too...

I think The Stress Diet probably helped this week too. Luckily, the days of that being in effect are far from over:

Today escrow opens on both my house sale and house purchase. For those of you not in California (or maybe some other states who have this concept as well), once an offer is accepted, the escrow company organizes getting all necessary paperwork, monies, etc. in order to make the escrow close (i.e., the house purchase/sale be final) on time. For the place we are buying, we have a 60-day escrow (to allow the soon-t0-be-former owner to get as many of the tenants out as he can -- he gets bumps in purchase price the emptier the place is). For my house, we have a 30-day escrow and I have an option to "leaseback" for 30 days (that way, I'll have my purchase money to close on the new place, but I won't have to move until we own the new place -- or very close to that time). The way these two transactions is structured is pretty complicated this time, but we have had a lot of time to work with the concepts and have a good team (realtors, mortgage broker, friends) working with us so I know we'll be OK. :-)

The next practical step is that we have to inspect the new place -- I don't know how this works elsewhere, but here you hire an inspector who comes out and tells you everything he possibly sees wrong with the house. This allows you to (a) know if there are any imminent repairs that are not obvious to the untrained eye, and (b) to negotiate the price down a bit if such repairs are pricey. We really don't expect any such thing with our purchase -- the seller bought the places in 2004 and completely re-did it in 2005 so EVERYTHING is new. It's like buying a new house, but that was built in the 1920s!

Of course, the buyer on my place will be doing a similar inspection on my house. There is nothing BIG wrong with my house, but there are a few things (like broken sprinklers) that they might want to negotiate down for). I'm not too worried about that and we'll see what happens.

Both inspections will be happening within the next week. (I'm really excited for the inspection on our new place because we'll get to be there and hang out for several hours while the inspector works and we haven't had access to the interior since we first saw it several weeks ago because of the tenants.)

Anyway, it's all very exciting and scary and EXCITING.

(And thanks again to Vickie for pushing the St. Joseph idea last week. We buried him last night in my garden and will take him with us when we leave.)


Vickie said...

Yea - St Joseph!!!!

I know you are doing a good job and really working your plan - how much do you think your "working GI track has to do with all this?" I think that maybe your body is able to process more efficiently and that is helping too????

Idea - roofing guys, air conditioner guys, termite guys, etc from local firms (here) will come inspect for FREE (or a very minimal fee) - consider having them PLUS the regular inspector especially since there have been renters instead of owners living there. I have did this with my mother's house - and was very glad that I did.

Helen said...

I think the working GI has A LOT to do with the recent "success" with getting some lbs. gone. A LOT. I feel infinitely better with that working. DB even notices it.

All good ideas about inspections -- didn't you find that they found a lot "wrong" though in order to get $$?? Here's the scoop on what you specifically mentioned:

- There's a new roof in 2005. In CA, roofs usually last at least 20 years.

- No air conditioning. Being 1/2 block from the beach, we don't need it with our temperate climate. Heaters are also kind of optional! :-)

- Termites -- definitely! We've got those here!! The termite inspection is always separate and the seller/owner pays. I'm lucky because my house was just tented in 2005 so I might not have to do it again. :-)

DB is also quite handy about all this stuff...he'll know what questions to ask. Thank goodness!!

Cindy174 said...

Ah, St Joseph, I think I am going to sneak and bury one at my old house that I am leasing with an option. I stlll need him. Speaking of the whole GI thing, I am plagued with slowness and everything that goes with it. So I took note of your oats and your softener. I need to seriously figure something out. soon. Real estate transactions are good for weight loss I think. Hope it all goes well.

Lori said...

Yay for everything. (Or to quote the Simpsons, "Hooray for Everything!")

What a great week with the house deals, the GI stuff, the weight loss, and the really great way you're handling food/wine/stress.

The other thing about your GI tract for you or for Cindy, I started looking at what my 800 mg of ibuprofen was doing to my system and I had decided to really cut back on it. Who knew?

I don't know if you can take another exciting week like this but I hope it's another great week for you and DB.