Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Better day, but discombobulated post

Structural engineer confirmed what we thought we should do to fix the foundation on the new house so...sigh of relief! AND it cost 1/3 of what I thought it would to have him give us this peace of mind. :-)

Still waiting for the buyer of my house to come back with any fixes that they want after their inspection...they have to remove the inspection contingency in the next couple of days so it will be hectic with that (anticipated) negotiation.

Dinner tonight with DB at a great Japanese grill restaurant...lots of veggies and protein and no starch (trying to avoid that at night...DB can have his rice, but not me!). I feel perfectly full, but not too.

Best (well, not best, but most FUN) news of the day: got my Police tickets for June and they are excellent seats!!!! Yipppeeee...I used all my music biz mojo to get these (not to mention more money than anyone should pay, but...). Happy happy joy joy!

Now have to run and watch American Idol...not that I care anymore. But that's another blog...

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Cindy174 said...

great news, 1/3 of the cost, even better. Drum circle on the beach, you are way too lucky, anything on the beach for that matter. I just have a couple of old drums from my brother's set. I just bang out things on the big (tom tom, maybe) one with drumsticks, I have no formal training. Started it as therapy a couple of years back for getting some feelings out. I like the idea of lots of veggies and protein and no starch, that's what I need today, after the muffin episode. Thanks for your comments!!

PS it was PMS, which explains a lot of other crabbiness and feeling on the edge that I had yesterday.