Thursday, May 31, 2007

Scared of weigh-in tomorrow

I have used the house stress as an excuse this week to not be very "good". I haven't been good with WOW (wine seems a nice treat after yet another stress-filled day...every day). I haven't been good with food (haven't been bad, but not perfect). I have been good with exercise. One out of three ain't...good.

I know I need to get a grip and maybe a bad weigh-in tomorrow will do it. Although I'm still hoping against hope that it won't be TOO bad.

And we met with a real estate attorney this morning who really made me feel much securer about all the issues that had been worrying me about the new place. I think we are in very good shape. We won't be able to move into our owner's unit right away when we close escrow, but I will be able to move into one of the 1BR apartments right away, DB will move into the other 1BR in mid-July after those tenants leave (and he'll continue to rent that one from me for his office/studio) and we'll move into the 2BR unit sometime in September, leaving the unit I will have been in to rent out. It's not really as complicated as it sounds. And, as DB says, it will be an adventure -- and we'll kind of ease into living together by living across the courtyard from each other! Of course, this means a lot of my stuff will be/stay in storage until September. I'll be taking the bare minimum with me to the 1BR apartment.

I really can't wait until things get "normal" again. I have to buckle down with food and WOW in the meantime or I'll be a blimp.


Cindy174 said...

It sounds so exciting. I am happy for you. I hope your weigh in tomorrow is not bad. But you will get back on track I am sure.

Lori said...

I like the idea of you guys living across the hall from each other; it's how I would love to do it. ;-)