Thursday, May 10, 2007


My house fell out of escrow. I guess the idiot buyer's realtor didn't tell them that inspections always LOOK bad. I'm hysterical, freaking out, sick at my stomach, crying. It's dangerous -- there are cupcakes in the office next door. But I'm saving my hysteria calories for DRINKING...after I go to the gym.


Lori said...

Oh Helen, that's terrible. Is there any chance that the buyers might make a counter-offer?

You know, when we were looking for a house, there were things that didn't work out and it was for the best. If they are that gun-shy, then they would have caused a roadblock down the way over some other unknown, scary thing that frightened them.

It will work out. I believe that.

Cindy174 said...

It will definately work out but I know it is such a rollercoaster. good that you are able to put off the calorie thing AND go to the gym. I admire that. The whole thing though, the ups and downs. Really like an amusement park ride, without the amusement part. hang in there something else will happen.

Vickie said...

did you bury St Joseph? That one doesn't count - you didn't even have him yet. Lori's right - them backing out is actually saving you from something down the road.