Friday, May 25, 2007

TG so much IF!

Worst things first: weigh-in today shows I'm up 1 pound. Considering this was pre-bathroom this morning, that I haven't been perfect with eating or WOW this week and that my "skinny" pants still fit comfortably today, I'll not be too upset about this. (I did do well on exercise -- two times to gym and one pilates during the weekdays.) But I definitely need to get a grip and really get back to being serious next week. Of course it's TTOM so all bets on losing might be off!

More stress about the new place: yesterday we learned that the tenant in "our" unit of the new place will not leave voluntarily before we close escrow. This means that we have to evict him which is a pain in the neck but (a) we'll save money because the price of the property falls by $15K if he's not out, (b) we will keep a lot of that money because evicting him (which we can totally do, it just takes TIME) will cost a lot less, and (c) we can live in the two 1BR units for a few months (DB will be in his "office" and we'll sleep there, I'll live with the pets in the other unit). It would be nice not to have to move twice, but I guess we just have to work a little harder to make this dream come true and we'll DO IT. :-) Of course, I won't feel totally happy until escrow is closed on both my sale and purchase and we are moved in to OUR unit.

I'm hoping for a very quiet plans for tomorrow except hair cut and gym (and may have to go up to Nearby Town to get my fix of DB smooches unless he gets to come home tomorrow...that's up in the air) and no firm plans for the whole rest of the weekend. I'm looking at this as the last stress-free, don't-have-to-pack-yet weekend for a while...

Wishing everyone a really FUN long weekend!

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Lori said...

Hey, I'm glad you're focusing on the things like the skinny pants fitting. As long as you get back on the path, I feel you aren't making any big mistakes. You've been under a big roller-coaster the last few weeks. So give yourself some time to adjust to the new world of the living. ;-)

Have fun this weekend and enjoy the beach.