Monday, May 14, 2007

One offer, sick stomach

Despite 50 (approx.) groups of people through my house this weekend, we ended up on Monday (after bargain-basement pricing) with ONE offer. It's not a BAD offer, but it's substantially less than I bought this house for two years ago (a given) and we somehow expected more. Maybe tomorrow, but maybe not. The truth is that we are going to end up either (a) removing contingencies on our sale without a solid sale on my house, or (b) walking away from the new house because we don't have a solid offer on my house. We have exactly three days to make this happen.

No surprise then that I am having stomach issues. I feel nauseous most of the time so one would think that overeating is out of the question. But nooooo...there's a part of me that says "my stomach feels bad, must be hungry, must put food in to numb the discomfort". I noticed this today and did not do it. Did not numb the pain with food. Did numb the pain somewhat tonight with the booze. But food? No.

DB is great throughout. He truly is being a pillar of strength and sunshine (usually my job) and I am so grateful.

Now if we could just SELL THIS HOUSE! Thinking happy thoughts...or at least trying to...and chanting for relief...


Vickie said...

My 2 cents - Walk away from new house - don't try to juggle them both - too much stress. There will be another house.

Lori said...

I'm so sorry Helen.

Can you rent out your house instead? Or do a lease-option to make it more palatable to a buyer?

I have to agree with Vickie about the stress levels. And if, (notice I said IF) you walk away, you may find another house that's even better.

Hang in there. Don't make yourself sick over this.

Cindy174 said...

I leased my house and leased where I am living now, mostly because it magically happened right away. But also because I wanted to prolong the money loss on the sale of my house as long as possible. It is a hassle still owning it but I still have hopes the lessee will buy it maybe in a year, but who really knows..I will be happy each month when I get her monthly payment, though so I can keep my mortgage paid. I was consumed with the whole deal (looking for houses to buy, looking into selling mine and so on) for about ten weeks and it was exhausting. Take care of yourself, it really is a stressful thing. Glad you have a pillar of strength to share it with!!

Helen said...

Thanks everyone for your ideas and support! I am pretty sure we'll go ahead and take the risk of removing contingencies on the new place even though I won't have a firm sale on my place. Unfortunately, unlike Cindy, I can't rent my current house for enough to cover the mortgage and what I'd have to take out of my home equity line of credit to purchase the new place. So...if my current house isn't sold, we're going to have a HUGE mortgage nut. BUT...the new place is a fantastic deal, a fantastic location, just an unbeatable property for us (properties that we can afford in our town within one block of the beach do not come up every day!). So I think we'll leap when we have to on Thursday...keep sending good thoughts and prayers to St. Joseph for us!