Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Please St. Joseph...

...I need this buyer to buy my house!

We countered the buyer this evening and asked for an answer by tomorrow. This still won't let us remove our contingencies on the house we're buying by Thursday, but our realtor is going to ask the seller for an extension in the hope that he will want to take the chance of selling to us and not having to put his place back on the market. We are at the end of our rope here. And I just ate some cheese.

(Don't worry, I'm going to the gym tonight. How many extra minutes on the elliptical will it take to erase those cheese calories?)


Lori said...

Is there a saint for cheese? We need to pray to that saint as well to remove our compulsion for good cheese. (At least I hope it's good cheese; there's nothing more depressing than blowing calories on Kraft American cheese. Unless it's in a grilled cheese sandwich.)

I will send up good thoughts and prayers and hope this works out for you and the DB.

I'm glad you're going to the gym tonight; not because of the calories but because you will feel better and it may clear your head. Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Oh Helly! my silly DG! Cheeze Whiz doesn't count as cheese... it's mostly air... in fact you can buy Cheeze Whiz in helium pressurized canisters so that eating it actually makes you lose weight ;-) Of course the elliptical helps too!

Thanks for sharing the blog spot with me... and especially for putting in a good word for me with all your BlogSpot homies. I saw that in there ;-)

Okay, I've got to go say my St. Joseph prayers now.

Love you,

Lori said...

Can I put in a order to have DB cloned and sent out East? He's a sweet, sweet man. (Of course, it's also true that water seeks its own level and he found you!)

Cindy174 said...

Depends on how much cheese, but I wouldn't worry about it too much, at least you are going to the gym...and like Lori said, you will feel better. I am talking to St Joseph, and anyone else up there, hope it goes your way. but if not, it is because something better is waiting.