Friday, October 3, 2008

Down, down, DOWN!

Like the stock market, my weight is down. Unlike the stock market, I am happily surprised with the news on the scale this morning. This means I've put together two weeks of downturn and that is a relief...particularly since I haven't been perfect this week...I guess I was perfect enough. While I weigh more than my lowest, I'm getting back there...and beyond.

I also got my CRACK book yesterday -- about time!!! -- along with two more Twilight novels (I'm hooked). The CRACK book looks very interesting...can't wait to read it and try out some of the principles as I keep the weight moving downward. :-)

This is all extra-good because it gives me a boost in the confidence/determination department and I'm going to need that next week. To paraphrase the great Jackson 5: "We are going back to Indiana, Indiana here we come 'cause that is where I started from!" :-) And Indiana is where I learned to eat BADLY. The Midwest is much more challenging to me to eat well than California. That's just a fact.

Anyway...we leave on Wednesday morning and will be in Indiana for a short four days (back very early the next Monday morning). I am taking DB to see where I'm from -- the houses where I grew up and the schools I went to, a festival we used to attend every autumn when I was growing up, my Northern Indiana family and (yes!) my dear college friend who is one of our fellow bloggers. :-) Maybe, if we're lucky, we'll also get to see my French little brother who will also be visiting Indiana next week (I haven't seen him in about 7 years because we missed him when we were in France two years ago!). I haven't been back to Indiana in 10 will be strange. It's where I'm from, but it's not "home" anymore. It's funny, but I realized that DB met my French family (family I stayed with for the summer when I was 16 -- THIRTY years ago, yikes!) before my Indiana family (my dad's side of the family). He hasn't met my mom's side of the family at all...that tells you how close I am to my actual blood relatives beyond my immediate family!! ;-)

Tomorrow we have post-Burning Man "decompression" in L.A. A party/event that runs from noon to midnight. DB is setting up some of our BM stuff so we'll be going very early tomorrow morning to get that done. I'll be in and out during the rest of the day before we pack up to leave that night.

Sunday I'm hoping to REST and maybe get to see the PDs and's been a long, rough week and we're going to be away the next two weekends. I am going to be glad when our next trips are over and we plan to stay home until our skiing trip at the end of January (we're headed to Tahoe again this year). :-)

Onward and downward!


Cindy...154 said...

Great that the weight is going down. Have a great trip! The midwest weather should be nice. I think it's nice that you are taking DB to see where you grew up. And meeting our fellow blogger, too. I associate my Mom's house with eating out of control. Maybe I associate my Mom with eating. I think you will do good. You can bring your new books along. Have fun!!!

Laura N said...

Yay for the scale going down!

Ha, you mention festivals. Next week is Evansville's Fall Festival week. The Fall Festival, legend has it, is the 2nd largest street fair in the U.S., behind Mardi Gras. And it's home of the deep fried Twinkie & Snicker's Bar. Home of the corn fritter & elephant ear. Home of brain sandwiches (which I will NOT eat, yuck). I'm planning on staying away. None of that crap before my race on 10/12.

Hope you have a good time introducing the family to your BF.

Feel free to email me if you have questions on the crack diet. =)

Vickie said...

set your expectations for clean sheets and a fairly clean bathroom and they will be filled - my house is still a WRECK.