Thursday, October 16, 2008

Way too busy

And still no time to complete the story of my trip...we're leaving again tomorrow night for a weekend camping trip!!! A Burner thing in the desert. I am still pooped from the trip, fighting a cold (again) and we had a big industry charity event last night where I ate very little (good) and drank too much (bad) so feel kinda yucko today. :-( AND I also feel very fat. Didn't weigh in last Friday because we were in Indiana so this week it could (and probably will) be ugly (particularly due to my apparent need to eat EVERYTHING I ate in my childhood in 4 days). But I'll get on the scale and see the horror. Gotta stay accountable.

Maybe I'll have time to write my blog when we get home...or, if we have connectivity, in the desert.

I need a vacation where I do NOTHING. For a month. ;-)

1 comment:

Laura N said...

Can we go on this do nothing for a month vacay together? I think the whole world needs to take a break!

Had to laugh at your eating your way through your childhood. Mine was filled with oh so bad but oh so yummy foods, too. I imagine those 4 days were fun while they lasted. And you haven't been home for what, 10 years I think you said? So, I think you were allowed. :)

Hope you enjoy the weekend camping trip even though you're worn out.