Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hoosier salad

We're heeeeeere! ;-)

Did the whole family tour: all three houses where I lived, my elementary school, my high school, the hospital where I was born, the church where my parents met and married and various other memory-inducing spots. We went to the grocery store where I would go buy beer as a teenager...I had a system to not get carded. ;-) We bought beer there and I felt like I had to get out of there quick...just like back then!).

Tonight we're staying at a beautiful hotel in the Union Station in Indianapolis and we're staying in an old restored Pullman railway car!!! It's fantastic!!! :-)

The only thing that's NOT fantastic is that DB is tonight we're in the hotel room trying hard to get him healthy and trying for me not to get sick.

OK, yeah, salad: I thought I'd be a good girl and order salad for dinner tonight. Of course, the healthiest salad at the restaurant had steak and blue cheese dressing (luckily on the side). I didn't do too badly with that. BUT I realized why I never was a big salad fan as a child: the only lettuce here seems to be iceberg! And my salad had just a TON of that, the steak, a few pieces of tomato and a few pieces of cucumber. For a girl who makes a nightly salad of at least 6 veggies, this was kind of disappointing...particularly for $14.99!! ;-)

My highlight of the day? As we landed at the airport (not too bumpy a ride, but I think I'm actually getting to be a WORSE flyer than before...I HATE IT), we saw...THE OBAMA PLANE!!!! Yes, he was just leaving after a huge rally here. It's amazing to me to see Obama lawn signs...when I was growing up here, you'd NEVER see a Democrat lawn sign. I'm very bummed I missed him: the candidates ignore California pretty much because they figure we're a foregone Democrat conclusion. :-(

More the next time we have connectivity...which may be in several days because we're headed out to the country tomorrow.

It's very good to be here. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a completely fab trip back in Indiana - it's so much fun to see old places with new eyes. Not good that DB is sick, though. Do your best not to join him in that.

How cool that you saw the Obama plane - and that you're seeing support for him on lawns. Signs of the times :)

Vickie said...

okay - you better tell me about the sick thing - I had a coughing kid in my car about a week ago and haven't quite recovered from the fact that her mom SENT her with me when she sounded like she had full blown bronchitis. . .

I am the mom that if a kid coughs twice upstairs - I am yelling up the stairs - which kid is it? and what is wrong with you?

they always yell back - not sick - choking!!! too funny. come to think of it - that is the oldest.

Laura N said...

Too funny about the salad. Depends on the restaurant--you can get a decent salad in the Hoosier state!

Glad you are back home, but hope the sickness goes away quickly. Ugh. I think airplanes are horrible about causing infections, aren't they?

I have a strong feeling your man Obama is going to win in a landslide. And, even as conservative as I am, I think he'd be better for our country at this point than McCain (man, that was a tough pill for me to swallow). 50% of the US wants Obama so badly, if he loses, it's going to be even more pessimism around here. If McCain loses, I don't think the other 50% (or less!) will really care that much. It's not like he's Ronald Reagan, or even close. So, yeah, Indiana going for Obama? Very possible. Lots of yard signs down here, too, but we tend to lean more democratic than the rest of the state.

Have fun with your family!

LG said...

I hope you have a great time and the DB better get well soon. I'd hate for him to miss much on this trip.

That's pretty awesome you saw the plane! Whoo whoo!

Have fun, you argula-loving Californian. ;-)

Vickie said...

Middle child figured it out - go to dashboard and then click on edit photo and then browse.

Vickie said...

middle child took this photo - on the front porch with the red japanese maple in the background - she isn't as tall as DB so she took a two step stool out and stood on it. That trick is worth millions!!! Miss you. Girls are on a lets go to California campaign.

Vickie said...

middle child thinks that vert. (as opposed to horiz.) helps too. She took several one way and then switched the camera - so that all else was the same - head angle, distance to camera, degree to which I was looking up - and the vert. seemed the best to me too.

Vickie said...

thought of you at 4:30am.

what time did you actually get to the airport???

Thora said...

I did not know you were a midwest girl! This shows there is hope for me, that one day I too will have a house someplace warm with a beach!