Thursday, October 2, 2008

Feelin' poochy

OK, so I had one perfectly good day this week and will have another (including gym) today. I am certain that will not make up for the other days when I was not perfect. The pants I have on today which, over the late spring and summer were loose, are tighter. And it's PMS time so I am dreading getting on the scale tomorrow for all sorts of reasons. But I will do it.

Where is that darn "Crack" book I ordered?! ;-)


Laura N said...

Hope your book arrives soon!

What part of Indiana you gonna be in? Indy? And I'm not happy about 80s next week either. I want it super cool on 10/12 when I'm running the Evansville Half.

Vickie said...

are you hanging out the window watching for the UPS man like a small child waiting for a present???

Bea said...

It is supposed to snow on Sunday. I had to dump out the big ice cube in the dog's water bowl this morning. I continue to hate you.

What is an "Addict's Mind?" Cindy has also referred to it. I am sure I have it, as well as the thighs and upper arms. Cheers