Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Smiling thinking of Indiana

I love that I grew up in Indiana. I can't wait to see it again. But I'm afraid I won't know where anything is!!! I haven't been there in sooo long...so it will be an adventure. The last time I was there my mom lived there (she's lived out here for nearly 10 years), I didn't own a cell phone, my life was oh-so-different.

Our time there is crammed with stuff/people to see. This will not be a relaxing vacation really...but 400 miles in 4 days is nothing for an Angeleno! ;-)

Anyway, I can't wait...and, on the subject of weight, I will try to find good, healthy food. Last time I was there, that was pretty non-existent!! I remember going to a pitch-in with my mom where the "vegetables" were baked beans, mac and cheese and mashed potatoes! I am hoping that green vegetables might be on SOME menus... ;-)

Here I come, Indiana!!!


Vickie said...

I heard someone else refer to mac'n'cheese as a veggie the other day - like at a buffet or something - I am trying to figure out how in anyone's definition that is a veggie. . .

can't wait to see you!

Laura N said...

Hope you have/had a great time!

Um, yeah, some midwesterners are just not right in the head when it comes to veggies. Like my sister, who will serve a protein, a starch, a starch & a starch, and think it's a balanced meal. Poor kid just never got religion on how to eat right. And she's about 100 pounds overweight right now, too.

My girlfriend is at the covered bridge festival this week. She grew up in that area, too, and lives in Evv. now. I bet it's a blast.

LG said...

I had mac and cheese the other night on my vegetable plate. BF remarked that I only had one real vegetable (I had the mac&cheese, green beans and baked apples).

I'm so glad you're excited and I know you'll have a blast!!! I can't wait to hear the details!