Friday, October 24, 2008

Wow, two posts in one day or Wonder

"Wonder" is the title I really feel here...

Tonight I saw a rocket blast off and fly across the sky (a satellite for the Italians which was launched from California)!! DB told me about it and Doglet and I walked to the beach to watch and WOW. We saw this amazing fire come over the Malibu mountain and streak through the sky. Almost no one down at the beach with me was aware of this wonder...but I was. Because my DB told me to LOOK. :-)

And that's the next part...DB helps me SEE things that I, alone, maybe would not see. This is just one tiny example. He ROCKS.


Vickie said...

loved both of these posts - and on the last one - there might have been someone wondering why you were looking up - and thinking that they had it all together looking down.

congrats on finding your food/exercise path again after so much vacation time.

did the picture make it? Did you laugh to see how OLD my hubby looks??? (not me or you of course).

Anonymous said...
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LG said...

Boy, that does exciting.

I'm so glad to hear about the exercise/food path. You rock!

Anonymous said...

Awesome on two counts - the satellite streaking through the sky, and your DB who helps you see things and expand your world. You are so blessed!