Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Too much

This week is full of too many too muches:

- Too much stress over this crazy economy and dire doomsday predictions of all manner of catastrophe (not just economic) on its way.

- Too much time off from work (No! Is there such a thing?!): our office was closed yesterday for Rosh Hashanah, so Monday was a Friday/Saturday night and yesterday was a Sunday.

- Too much eating and drinking. (No excuse for that, but Addict's Mind is not quiet this week.)

- Too much to do and too little time both at home and work.

At least I've also gotten a lot of exercise (worked on some home stuff yesterday and then took a walk on the beach after sunset -- it was hotter yesterday than practically all summer and today is more of the same). I just MIGHT be able to do a maintain this week if I buckle down for the next two days. A loss is probably out of the question, but a girl always hopes... ;-)


Vickie said...

I wore fall clothes today and loved it - pants, top, cute jacket. I do love fall jackets.

LG said...

You're been keeping busy with housework, exercise and walks so you're doing good things. And no, there is not too much time from work. That's been scientifically proven, don't you know? :-)

Laura N said...

You know how I feel about all this scary stuff. It's making me nuts. I'm trying not to watch the news, but it's hard when CNBC is on all day at work!

I'm praying that they pass that bill tomorrow. But I'm doubtful it's going to "fix" things. I'd rather have a recession than the D word, though.

Whatever happens, we'll still have LOVE in our lives, no matter what. =)