Friday, October 24, 2008

I sure love Fridays when the scale is kind!

Down about 2.5 pounds this week...this is very very happy news after my beer and junk food fiesta of last weekend. But I did really crack down this week and I am absolutely SURE that getting back to very very regular exercise is the key. The KEY. So I will be getting even more fascist about that...NO excuses for missing regular gym schedule. For example, next Thursday is the birthday of one of the PDs. Thursday is a regular gym night. Sooo...I am rescheduling the whole week to work around it!! I even am going to the gym on Wednesday before a previously-scheduled dinner with a friend of DB's. It is SO IMPORTANT to me to make this exercise commitment. Not only does the scale go down, but my knees are demonstrably WORSE when I miss my weight (and probably elliptical) work. Like Vickie, I want to be popping up off that toilet when I'm in my 90s!!! ;-)

I am still not to my lowest weight (from June)...I have about 5 pounds to go to get there. Then I can go beyond. Yes, now is the time to admit that at my worst (after Burning Man, post-BM guest, etc.) my weight was up 10 pounds from my absolute lowest (which was a one-week brief shining moment, but you know that's in the back of my head as where I should be!). Since even at that "high" point I was still almost 20 pounds down from February, I have tried not to stress too much about it and that seems to be working. Stress "makes me" eat and drink (I put that in quotes because nothing really MAKES ME do it...I just tend to do it). And, with so much negative stuff happening in the world right now, additional stress is exactly what I don't need. Not stressing TOO much over the re-gain has been helpful. And I am being successful in getting back on track. This makes me feel good = anti-stress! :-)

DB is home tomorrow (yay!). With all the world-stress going on, I've been having uncharacteristic nightmares this week and no one there to comfort me when I wake up. I try to tell myself that I lived for A LOT of my life without that kind of support and I was FINE, but I have gotten used to my sweetheart and I LIKE IT. ;-)

I have a jam-packed day tomorrow: hair trim, Doglet nail trim, gym, birthday shopping (for PD and a friend and my mom), then b-day dinner with a friend and her hubby. Sunday, in addition to gym (or, if I'm lucky, yoga -- my arm is still hurt so I've been reluctant to go back), I'm not sure what's on tap...hopefully a little R&R. :-)

Happy weekend!


Laura N said...

Woohoo on the loss! Congrats & great job.

It's funny, when you workout you not only burn those calories, it makes you want to eat better. Because otherwise, if you eat a bunch of crap, didn't you just waste your time in the gym? I think like that sometimes, anyway. And sometimes, I think, hey I just ran 5 miles, I *deserve* cookie dough. hahaha

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow too. Jinx!

Glad your DB's coming home. You two are so cute. :) Enjoy your weekend.

Cindy...154 said...

I like the Fitness Facism - or Facist about the sound of it. The word popped out at me. Made me smile. Congrats on the loss. I keep bumping into my low number and then hopping a couple pounds back up. We had our attorney paralegal conference last week, for three days straight. Imagine three days with 60 lawyers/paralegals - the vast majority lawyers - maybe 10 paralegals. Glad you are doing good! I, too want to be popping up from the toilet at 90 - love that goal. It sounds very positive.