Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's been a month...

...since I've written, but I have THOUGHT about writing and THOUGHT about weight loss (and worked on, at least, fitness)...I just haven't had TIME. Work is slammed and, with skiing every other weekend, the rest of my at-home time is slammed too. I am not complaining...life is fun...just explaining my MIA status from here!

We just got back from another 3-day ski weekend and what a crazy weather weekend!! On our way up on Friday night, we ran into a wildfire that had closed the freeway (the ONLY way to get to Ski Town) for about 40 miles...and we were making such good time until then! We turned around fast and headed back to an earlier town to try to get a motel, but ALL of them were booked. So we headed back north and, by then, they were escorting traffic through the fire zone -- big wildfire -- I heard it started in the wood shop of the school and they had to evacuate all of that town west of the freeway. Damage didn't look too bad driving back, but it was weird driving up in the dark with the road signs burning as we passed!

This meant we got to the town where we stay on Friday nights at 1 am. Sigh. Oh well. We get cheapy motels there anyway since all we do is sleep.

We got up late on Saturday and the weather was wild -- snowing all day and blowing almost horizontal the whole time. The snow was also really wet so moguls were everywhere. I am a groomed-slope kinda gal! We started down my go-to blue run and I fell -- for the first time all year! I was very sad...when I am out of control, it is not fun and when it's not fun I usually stop skiing for the day. But I decided to go back up and try a long green run and that was fine -- even FUN -- I got to practice on moguls on a less steep slope than I usually ski these days so I now feel like I am less afraid of them and my skill set is better. :-)

We stayed at this motel in Ski Town that we got for $89/night on on-line cheapy site (SUPER cheap for Ski Town) and it was TOTALLY worth it. HUGE room with sofa and wet bar (and we were on the 4th floor overlooking the snow). Pool, huge hot tub, sauna, steam room, laundry room and even ski lockers and covered parking. Wow. We totally want to stay there again! It wasn't fancy, but it also had the most comfy bed we've ever had up there.

Apres ski, we always get a beer at the lodge, then go home for hot tub, shower then dinner. We usually go to sleep between 9 and 10 and sleep until 8 or 9...ahhhh... :-)

Sunday the snow wasn't as blizzardy, just falling softly and steadily all day (there had been at least a foot of accumulation overnight). We took the shuttle to the lodge because the roads were really covered. My expectations were lower as far as difficulty of slope I would ski...I stuck to the long greens and worked on speed and control while crouching down (I usually ski more up-right). AMAZING exercise for my quads and glutes. It was beautiful...could hardly see ahead of yourself, but the slopes were much less crowded...my last run down I went for a long time without seeing a soul. Beautiful...I was in ski ecstasy!

Sunday night, DB took me out to celebrate my Re-Birthday (8 years non-smoking yesterday). We tried to walk over because it was so snowy to drive, but I fell about a block away and DB had already fallen (just walking) twice that day so we decided to inch over in our car. It was an awesome dinner...we had leftovers last night! :-)

When we woke up yesterday, we couldn't even see across the street, it was snowing and blowing so much! With DB's back hurting due to falling, we decided not to ski yesterday and just headed home early. Made great time. Another great weekend...and we're already planning to go back the weekend of April 1! :-)

As for my weight: the past two ski weekends, I have LOST weight. I have no idea how since I do drink beer when we're away and am usually not AS careful with food. The exercise must make up for it. But I have continued to be very good with food and exercise while at home too and I am still not really LOSING. I am stable, maintaining. I guess that is better than gaining. I feel fitter too. So that is all good. But, when ski season is over and I can focus again, I guess I'm going to have to change SOMETHING else.

I talked with my doc about this in early March...my thyroid is very low...I don't want to take meds for it, but that might be the problem. She has me on iodine for the time being to see if it helps.